Strange and Erotic

1 Night In China

$19.99 - Free Shipping In The USA
Pro-wrestlers Joanie Laurer (Chyna) and Sean Waltman engage in a role playing sex romp during a vacation in China. Waltman also wisecracks while visiting various historic Chinese locations.

On April 20, 2016, Joanie Laurer was found dead at her home in Redondo Beach, California. She was 46 years old. Her brain was donated to science to study the effects of chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE).

A Place Beyond Shame

$19.99 - Free Shipping In The USA
aka's: Beyond Shame/Seka: A Woman/Strange Sex
Under hypnosis, Seka sees herself screwed in a variety of highly sensual and arousing ways! Includes incredible scene where she gets it up the ass! Also stars Lori Blue, Don Fernando and Paul Thomas. Also with Veri Knotty, Jon Martin and Lisa Adams.

A Rod For Revenge

$19.99 - Free Shipping In The USA
A cuckolded husband exacts his revenge on his wife's lover's family and friends! Stars Joi Fuller, Jesse Ames, Nona Potter, Andy Moss and Zasu Baver.

A Serbian Film (Uncut Version)

$19.99 - Free Shipping In The USA
aka: Srpski Film
To secure money for his family that will support them for the rest of their lives, Milos (Srdjan Todorovic), a retired adult film star from Serbia, plunges once more into the depths of pornographic production to find that his new mysterious and menacing employer has unthinkable terrors in store for him. Confrontational, shocking, uncompromising and absolutely unforgettable, this film ranks alongside the likes of Requiem For A Dream, Videodrome and Irreversible as one of the most provocative and brilliant films of its time. Also with Sergej Trifunovic, Jelena Gavrilovic, Slobodan Bestic and Katarina Zutic. (In Croation language, with English subtitles). Uncut version.

Periodically throughout the film, the letter "X" will appear at the bottom-right of the screen, preceding scenes that are sexually explicit and graphically violent in nature.

A Thousand And One Erotic Nights Part II: The Forbidden Tales

$19.99 - Free Shipping In The USA
aka: 1001 Erotic Nights 2: The Forbidden Tales
A sultan (Francois Papillon) searches for the most erotic women in his kingdom, served up to him by his aide. Also with Karen Bree, Nina Hartley, Kristara Barrington (China Lee), Kari Foxx, Keli Richards, Jamie Gillis and Patti Petite.

In 1988 Patti Petite was involved in a car accident which resulted in one of her legs being amputated and also the death of fellow porn actress Tiffany Rose. Women drivers!

Accouplements Pour Voyeurs

$19.99 - Free Shipping In The USA
aka: Salons Spéciaux
A call-girl named Gina (Serena) decides to open up a special type of "spa" with one of her clients Francois (Alban Ceray). Francois recruits two comely ladies Sylvie (Lucie Doll) and Sabine (Morgane). The gimmick is that clients in action can see other clients while they themselves are being attended to. This causes a problem when a female client sees her husband (Gabriel Pontello) in the next room. The problem is resolved with an orgy. Also with Dominique Aveline, Richard Lemieuvre and Virginie.

Adorable Lola

$19.99 - Free Shipping In The USA
aka's: Lolita, A Insaciável/Journal Intime D'une Jeune Fille En Chaleur/Lola
Claire (Marilyn Jess) is a high class call girl and remembers how she became one as she prepares for her next client. A country girl, she learned her skills from an older woman (Mika Barthel) with some assistance from a masked woman and three others (Pjotr Stanislas, Gabriel Pontello and Dominique Saint-Claire). Several of the practical lessons are shown, including a scene in a small plane with a man (Gabriel Pontello). There are also sex scenes for a brunette on a train (Laurence Boutin) with a man (Pjotr Stanislas again), who strips out of a priest's outfit and seduces her by licking his own crank while curled up on the opposite seat, and an auburn-haired woman by a car (Elodie Delage) and the same woman in a horse-box with a stable boy (André Kay), observed by Claire. Also with Jacques Marbeuf, Gilbert Servien and Olivier Mathot. (In French language).

Alice In Wonderland (Uncut XXX Version)

$19.99 - Free Shipping In The USA
Innocent young librarian, Alice (Kristine DeBell), offends her would-be lover William, when she rejects his advances. Upset by the encounter, she falls asleep while reading Alice In Wonderland, then a white rabbit appears, taking her to a sexual Wonderland where she quickly learns that William may not have been so bad after all. Also stars Bradford Armdexter and Ron Nelson. Also with Angel Barrett, Juliet Graham, Nancy Dare and Terri Hall. (Uncut XXX version).

Porno actress Terri Hall died from cancer in 1995. Further details concerning her death are unavailable.

All Black Superstars Of Porn

$19.99 - Free Shipping In The USA
The hottest black all stars in nothing but hardcore footage! Plus much more hot black action! Stars Jada Fire, Monique and Vanessa Blue.

All Grown Up

$19.99 - Free Shipping In The USA
aka: Adolescenza
21 years of age, here are your rights: To allocate time for mixed emotions, to be an individual, free of parental guidance, permission is self granted for time to play, but foremost, the privilege to fornicate at will! Stars Caterina Rinaldi, Francesco Malcolm, Hakan, Joe D'Amato, Monica Orsini, Nicolette, Silvio Evangelista and Valentino.

Joe D'Amato died of heart failure at his villa in Rome on January 23, 1999. He was 62.

Alpengluhn Im Dirndlrock

$19.99 - Free Shipping In The USA
In a Bavarian village, the elders want to upgrade their village to Marktgemeinde (Market Town) status - which would increase their legal status and solve some financial difficulties. To achieve this they need to increase the number of village inhabitants... (In German language).

Amy Fisher: Caught On Tape

$19.99 - Free Shipping In The USA
Stars Amy Fisher, known as "The Long Island Lolita," and her husband, Louis Bellera, in a homemade sex video.

Anal Assault

$19.99 - Free Shipping In The USA
The infamous secret films of the 1970's arrive here. Red-hot heat-seeking anal action features the assholes of busty Angel Cash, pretty Candina Royale and many gorgeous vintage models! A bizarre dungeon hosts an anal orgy! A bald-pussied blond points a stud's dripping crank towards her aching back door! A slender black girl takes a rear sperm delivery and more! Includes a bonus loop. Also with John Holmes and Connie Peters.

John Holmes died from AIDS-related complications on March 13, 1988 at the age of 43.

Anal Planet

$19.99 - Free Shipping In The USA
Scotty Fox has a rocket in his pocket, and he's all over Uranus. With Nicole London, Maeva, Beatrice Valle and sexy Barbara Doll! The nastiest Earthlings in porn, all doing that forbidden black hole thing! So hold on to your helmet and put out your landing gear! Anal Planet is about to touch down...butt up!

The Analyst

$19.99 - Free Shipping In The USA
aka: Backdoor Therapy
The very first anal-themed feature film loaded to the gills with dirty and graphic scenes. Candida Royalle stars as an uptight wife who learns how to become a filthy backdoor slut! Also stars Tyler Reynolds and Paul Scharf. Also with Angela Tufts, Jocelyn Martene and Zachary Strong.

Another Woman's Eyes

$19.99 - Free Shipping In The USA
If you receive another woman's eyes, do you receive another woman's soul? Is she seeing things? As the doctors revel in the success of an eye transplant, the wary patient (Mercedez) makes an eerie discovery. She sees things very differently. Especially in the bedroom. And so begins a journey of self discovery that will take her in search of the lady whose eyes she received. A search that brings her to a seedy bar and finally to the pimp (Brad Taylor) behind her donor (Devon Michaels). Also stars Nicole Sheridan and TJ Hart.

Asia Noir 3: Asia Insatiable

$19.99 - Free Shipping In The USA
Things fall apart, the center cannot hold. Everywhere the ceremony of innocence is drowned. Yet another glance into the hottest interracial sex that will leave you breathless! Stars Loni, Charmane Star, Lolita Young, Jade Blue and Kylie Rey.

Asia Noir 5: A Lust Supreme

$19.99 - Free Shipping In The USA
A streetwalker sashays into an urban grindhouse as the flick begins: The hardboiled tale of a sax player (Dick James) and his ripe young Vietnamese squeeze (Tia Tanaka) chasing fame. When a ruthless club owner turns her out, the anguished jazz-man seeks vengeance. What the audience doesn't know is the on-screen sex & mayhem is about to spill into the darkened theater!

Asia Noir 6: Evil Sex Trap

$19.99 - Free Shipping In The USA
A man (Dick James) is murdered while with his girlfriend. A cop named Trent (Mr. Marcus) is on the case and as he starts to investigate, he gets pulled into a world of femme fatales who may or may not be in his head. Trent's reality mingles with a bizarre, dark fantasy world and he becomes increasingly unsure of what is real and what is imagine in this odd but hyper-stylish XXX thriller. Also with Lana Violet, Destiny, Coco Velvett, Ange Venus and Myla Montez.

Asian Beauties

$29.99 - Free Shipping In The USA
Enjoy a tantalizing, sexy look at the most beautiful and exotic Asian women. See these gorgeous models wearing sexy and revealing outfits, and sometimes, nothing at all. Explore the pleasures of such beauties as Playboy Playmate Lynn Thomas, internet models Francine Dee, Linda Tran and Kristen Muranaga and adult film stars Sabrine Maui, Teanna Kai, Tina Toy and Mia Smiles.

Sold as a 4 DVD-R or 2 VHS set.

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