The picture quality for these films will be just as good as the source they were mastered from, which can vary from title to title. Except during our special sale offers, all DVD-R's come in clear plastic snap cases featuring a customized, laminated white label with black bold-italic lettering to indicate the title of the film, the running time and the year the film was released. These labels are placed on the inside binder of the case only. The title of the film is also printed directly on the disc itself, in black bold-italic lettering. PLEASE NOTE: With few exceptions, these discs do not include box art.


All titles listed are available for purchase in DVD-R format. DVD-R discs are compatible with most current DVD players. All future players from major companies will be DVD-R compatible and most current DVD units will have no problem playing them. But just for the record, top brands like Sony, JVC, Pioneer, and Panasonic will play DVD-R's flawlessly. Please be sure that your unit is able to play DVD-R's before ordering. PLEASE NOTE: We cannot issue refunds for DVD-R incompatibility problems. If you are not certain of your player's compatibility, please click on the red link below for a detailed list of older DVD players and their model numbers.


Some discs, depending on the source and format they originally came from, will not feature menus and will go directly into the play mode, automatically, when inserted into the DVD player.


If a film or TV show is NOT in English language, it will be stated directly under the synopsis (plot info) what language it's in.

Example 1: If an item is in English language, nothing will be stated at the bottom of the synopsis (plot info) for that item. If nothing is stated, you can be sure it's in English language.

Example 2: If a film is in Italian language, or Japanese, Spanish, ect...it will indicate (In Italian language) at the bottom of the synopsis (plot info). If the text does not state (with English subtitles), that means it's in Italian language only, with no English subtitles.

Example 3: If an item is in Italian language, or Japanese, Spanish, ect...and also has English subtitles, then the text below the synopsis (plot info) will indicate (In Italian language, with English subtitles).


Although this website does not actually depict nudity, we do offer films that contain nudity, mature content, erotic depictions, suggestive situations, and sexual acts or simulations. These films are usually, but not specifically, located in the Strange and Erotic and New Arrivals sections on this website. NOTE: You must be at least 18 years of age to purchase items from these or other sections which might include this type of material. If you are uncertain and concerned about the content of an item, please email us at: superstrangevideo@gmail.com and we will be glad to answer your questions.

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