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11 Days 11 Nights: Fantasy Becomes Reality (1987) $19.99
aka's: Eleven Days Eleven Nights/Undici Giorni, Undici Notti
Within eleven days Michael (Joshua McDonald) is due to marry Helen his fiancÚ, but a chance meeting with a total stranger threatens to destroy all his plans. While traveling to work, Michael's gaze is met by a vision of beauty and her stare penetrates him. Afraid to turn away, Michael becomes intoxicated by the vision as she slowly unbuttons her coat to reveal that underneath she is totally naked. He stares in disbelief as she demands that he make love to her right there, right now; driven by lust Michael can only obey, as they both become locked in a devouring passion totally oblivious to the people flowing around them. Unknown to Michael, the beautiful vision, Sarah (Jessica Moore), is a writer who's about to finish her book "Sarah And Her One Hundred Men." Michael has just become her one hundredth conquest. Grindhouse drama from the Italian king of sexploitation, Joe D'Amato. Also with Laura Gemser.

Joe D'Amato died from heart failure at his villa in Rome on January 23rd, 1999. He was 62.

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