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Alphaville (English Language Version)

$19.99 - Free Shipping In The USA
aka's: Alphaville, Une Étrange Aventure De Lemmy Caution/Tarzan vs. IBM/Agente Lemmy Caution: Missione Alphaville/Alphaville, A Strange Adventure Of Lemmy Caution/Alphaville, A Strange Case Of Lemmy Caution
A U.S. secret agent (Eddie Constantine) is sent to the distant space city of Alphaville where he must find a missing person (Akim Tamiroff) and free the city from its tyrannical ruler (Howard Vernon). Also stars Anna Karina.

An Eye For An Eye

$19.99 - Free Shipping In The USA
aka: Talion
Talion (Robert Lansing) is a retired bounty hunter with many enemies who still want him dead. When Talion is away from his farm three wanted men, Ike Slant (Slim Pickens) and the Beetson brothers (Henry Wills and Jerry Gatlin), burn Talion's farm. Talion returns to see his house ablaze and his family dead, so he sets out to track the bad guys and kill them. On the way he strikes a friendship with a young bounty hunter, Benny Wallace (Patrick Wayne), who also is tracking the Slant gang. They join forces and come across a trading post, run by Brian Quince (Paul Fix), where they stay overnight. Talion falls in love with Quince's daughter, Bri (Gloria Talbott). The next day they find the camp where the Beetson brothers are waiting for their leader to return. Talion and Benny Wallace set up an ambush and wait for Ike Slant to return to his gang. When Ike Slant finally shows up all hell breaks loose. Also with Clint Howard and Strother Martin.

Robert Lansing guest starred as Gary 7 in the Star Trek episode "Assignment: Earth".

Paul Fix played Doctor Piper in the second Star Trek pilot, "Where No Man Has Gone Before".

Clint Howard guest starred as Balok in the Star Trek episode "The Corbomite Manuever".

Autumn Born

$19.99 - Free Shipping In The USA
A rich young woman (Dorothy Stratten) is kidnapped and taken to a school of "discipline." Also stars Ihor Procak and Nate MacIntosh.

On August 14th, 1980, Dorothy was shot in the face by her ex-husband Paul Snider. Afterwards, it was determined that he had intercourse with her dead body and then turned the gun on himself in a murder-suicide.

Dorothy Stratten & Paul Snider ~ Celebrity Deaths: Find a Death

The Bat Whispers (Widescreen 65mm Version)

$19.99 - Free Shipping In The USA
aka's: Roland West's The Bat Whispers/The Bat
The Bat, a master criminal who dares the police to catch him, has been terrifying the city. A bank is robbed, and the home of the bank president becomes the center of mysterious happenings. Amidst thrills, chills and laughs, the stolen money is discovered, and the Bat's secret identity is revealed! Stars Chester Morris and Una Merkel.

NOTE: This film was shot in regular 35mm format and an experimental 65mm widescreen format. Offered here is the very rare 65mm widescreen version.

Black Devil Doll From Hell

$19.99 - Free Shipping In The USA
aka: The Puppet
A woman (Shirley L. Jones) buys an antique doll at a thrift store and does not realize that it is cursed. The doll uses its powers to seduce her while she is asleep and then escape back to the store. She starts to lose interest in sexual activities with her partners as the doll is able to give her a much better satisfaction, so she sets out to find it, but with dire consequences. Also stars Ricky Roach and Chester Tankersley. Voice of the doll from Keefe Turner.


$19.99 - Free Shipping In The USA
When nefarious geneticist Dr. Jane Tiptree (Diane Ladd) plots to wipe out all humans and replace them with flesh-eating dinosaurs, it's up to security guard Doc Smith (Raphael Sbarge) to stop her. As Jane plans to release her dangerous prehistoric creations, one of them accidentally kills a number of environmental activists as well as Doc's friend Ann Thrush (Jennifer Runyon). Dodging deadly dinosaurs left and right, Doc must somehow prevent Jane's plans from coming to fruition. Executive produced by Roger Corman.

Carnosaur 2

$19.99 - Free Shipping In The USA
aka: Carnosaur II
A team of scientists go to a nuclear mining facility to investigate a possible meltdown and instead find a large amount of cloned dinosaurs. Stars John Savage, Cliff De Young and Don Stroud. Produced by Roger Corman.

Carnosaur 3: Primal Species

$19.99 - Free Shipping In The USA
aka: Primal Species
When terrorists take over a military convoy, they believe that they have seized plutonium. However, they get an unpleasant surprise when they discover that the cargo is actually a number of fierce, genetically engineered dinosaurs. Soon elite soldiers, led by Col. Higgins (Scott Valentine), are dispatched to destroy the giant reptiles, but scientist Dr. Hodges (Janet Gunn) hopes that they can be captured alive. Given the dinosaurs' predatory skills, subduing them proves to be quite difficult. Also stars Rick Dean. Produced by Roger Corman.

China O'Brien

$19.99 - Free Shipping In The USA
A police woman, expert and instructor in martial arts (Cynthia Rothrock), leaves the city to stay with her dad, sheriff in a town with peace and quiet - or so she thinks. She gets plenty opportunities to show her martial arts skills. Also stars Richard Norton and Keith Cooke.

Produced and directed by Robert Clouse, who also directed Enter The Dragon (1973).

During filming Cynthia Rothrock broke a bone (her finger).

Keith Cooke broke his hand shortly before filming commenced while riding a luge with Cynthia Rothrock. This necessitated his character being one-handed.

China O'Brien 2

$19.99 - Free Shipping In The USA
aka: China O'Brien II
China O'Brien 2 picks up about two years after part 1 leaves off. While China (Cynthia Rothrock) has cleaned up her small town, a big time drug dealer (Harlow Marks) has escaped from prison, and the guy who sent him away (Frank Magner) just happens to be living in witness protection in her town with his wife (Tricia Quai) and her daughter (Tiffany Soter), the wife who happens to be China's friend, and the daughter who happens to be dating Dakota (Keith Cooke). It's just the drug dealer's dumb luck that of all the small towns in all the world, the guy who ratted on him and made off with his $5 million would choose the one that has China, Dakota, and Matt Conroy (Richard Norton) in its police force.

Produced and directed by Robert Clouse, who also directed Enter The Dragon (1973).

Throughout the movie (most notable in final sequences), Dakota wears different headbands in consecutive scenes.

The stunt double for Cynthia Rothrock is a male with hairy arms and an unconvincing blonde wig.


$19.99 - Free Shipping In The USA
The story begins in 1986, when the MNF (Mizo National Front) signs a truce agreement with the Indian government. The rebels are torn between their heads and their hearts. "How can we make peace with the soldiers who raped our women and pillaged our land?" some of them are asking. The leader Mathew (Kay Kay) is the voice of reason: "We have to forget the past for the future, the people want peace," he urges, and prevails. Even as Mizoram celebrates, a chance meeting finds Mathew inviting a Mumbai-based Mizo doctor (Aditya Srivastava) over to his house. After drinking and pondering on war and peace, the doctor is in no state to drive home and Mathew asks him to stay over. Upstairs, Maria (Sonali Kulkarni), Mathew's wife and fellow rebel, has recognized the man downstairs as the doctor in the Indian Army camp who raped her repeatedly when she had been caught and interrogated. She wants revenge, but she never saw the army camp doctor, she was blindfolded all the time. So how is she sure this man is the same? The horror-struck Mathew asks why of his wife when he finds she has bound the doctor to a chair and started torturing him. "I remember his voice, I remember his smell," Maria says. "I am innocent, your wife has gone mad because of the army torture," the doctor pleads. What follows is a night of self-discovery for Mathew, Maria and the doctor. And perhaps, a message for terrorists who believe the "cause" justifies the means; as well as people who feel the gun is the only solution for dealing with aggrieved, angry people. (In Hindi language, with English subtitles).

Deadly Angels (UPGRADE)

$19.99 - Free Shipping In The USA
aka's: Qiao Tan Nu Jiao Wa/Ciu Taam Neui Giu Wa/The Women Detectives/俏探女嬌娃
Three female detectives, from Hong Kong, Korea and Singapore, go undercover in a cabaret to expose a murderer. Stars Tony Liu, Nancy Yen, Dana and Evelyn Kraft.

Now from a 35mm German import print, in excellent picture quality and in widescreen format.

The Deadly Spawn

$19.99 - Free Shipping In The USA
aka's: The Alien's Deadly Spawn/Return Of The Alien's Deadly Spawn
Two campers in the New Jersey woods have their outdoor fun interrupted by the arrival of a meteorite crashing nearby. They go to investigate the crater, but are suddenly attacked and devoured by alien parasites who have hitched a ride to Earth. After finishing off the campers, the hungry space monsters head for a nearby town, where they make their domain in the basement of an old house and soon begin polishing off one hapless inhabitant after another. Four young teenagers, plus one pre-teen boy, try to find a way to stop the angry space monsters before they reproduce and literally eat humanity. Stars Charles George Hildebrandt, Tom DeFranco and Richard Lee Porter. (Uncut.)

This film comes from a German import print in very nice picture quality.

The Devils (Uncensored Version)

$24.99 - Free Shipping In The USA
aka's: Ken Russell's Film Of The Devils/The Devils Of Loudun
Cardinal Richelieu (Christopher Logue) and his power-hungry entourage seek to take control of 17th-century France, but need to destroy Father Grandier (Oliver Reed), the priest who runs the fortified town that prevents them from exerting total control. So they seek to destroy him by setting him up as a warlock in control of a devil-possessed nunnery, led by the Mother Superior (Vanessa Redgrave) of which is sexually obsessed with him. A mad witch-hunter (Michael Gothard) is brought in to gather evidence against the priest, ready for the big trial. Also with Kenneth Colley (aka: Admiral Piett in Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back and Star Wars Episode VI: Return Of The Jedi).

NOTE: This is Ken Russell's uncensored director's cut, which was thought to be lost and includes the much sought after "Rape Sequence", which was removed from all theatrical prints.

The film graphically portrayed violence, sexuality and religion. This caused it to face harsh reaction from censors, and it originally received an X rating in both the United Kingdom and the United States. It was banned in several countries, and heavily edited for release in others. In most countries the film has never been released in its original, uncut form. Critics also dismissed the film for its explicit content, though it won the awards for Best Director at the Venice Film Festival, as well as from the U.S. National Board of Review. ~ Wikipedia

Dinosaur Island

$19.99 - Free Shipping In The USA
An army captain (Ross Hagen) is flying three misfit deserters home for a court martial when the plane has engine trouble and they must land on an uncharted island. There they find a primitive society of cave women who routinely sacrifice virgins to appease The Great One, the top dog dinosaur on the the island. Mistaken for gods, the men must destroy The Great One or face death, but meanwhile they fall in love. Also stars Richard Gabai and Antonia Dorian. And with Griffen Drew and Michelle Bauer.

The Face Behind The Mask

$19.99 - Free Shipping In The USA
Janos Szabo (Peter Lorre) is a kind, innocent immigrant to America. Just after he arrives though, he is caught in a fire and his face is horribly burned and disfigured. Although a skilled craftsman his hideous features make it impossible for him to get work, and driven by despair he is forced to turn to crime to live. He finds himself very proficient at that, and soon makes enough money to buy a very lifelike mask to hide his scars behind. He hates what he does, but is he in too deep to get out? Also stars Evelyn Keyes and Don Beddoe.

This film came from an Australian import print in excellent picture quality.

Figures In A Landscape

$19.99 - Free Shipping In The USA
aka: Caza Humana
Two escapees (Robert Shaw and Malcolm McDowell) are on the run in the wilderness of an unspecified country. Wherever they go, they are followed by a menacing black helicopter (Henry Woolf plays the helicopter pilot).

The Girl Next Door

$19.99 - Free Shipping In The USA
aka: Fatale Innocence
Somebody has been peeping through windows, so Arthur's (Henry Czerny) neighbors ask him to watch their home and their 18-year-old daughter (Polly Shannon) while they are away. Soon Arthur's attraction to the girl--and hers to him--develops into something more, with disastrous results. Also with Gary Busey.

Good Girl, Bad Girl

$19.99 - Free Shipping In The USA
aka: Neurotic Cabaret
A writer (Tammy Stones) needs funds to make a film based on her screenplay. She will stop at nothing to get the bucks including dancing at a nude bar, stealing cash and hijacking snakes. Also stars Dennis Worthington and Edwin Neal.


$19.99 - Free Shipping In The USA
aka: John Norman's Gor
American professor Tarl Cabot (Urbano Barberini) is transported via a magical ring to planet Gor, where he must help an oppressed country overthrow its evil king (Oliver Reed) and his barbarian henchmen. Also stars Rebecca Ferratti and Jack Palance.

Note: This film comes from an uncut German import print, in very nice picture quality.

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