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Cuba Crossing (1980) $19.99
aka's: Solo Für Zwei Superkiller/Todeskommando Schweinebucht/Assignment: Kill Castro/
Kill Castro/Sweet Dirty Tony

Hud (Robert Vaughn) is an American who survived the Bay of Pigs Invasion and has sworn revenge against Fidel Castro. Many years later, Hud gets his chance when he is approached by Mr. Rossellini (Michael V. Gazzo), who blames Castro for the loss of his gambling enterprises when he had to leave Cuba, and the mysterious Mr. Bell (Raymond St. Jacques), who finances Hud for a mission to Cuba. Hud plans to bring a father-and-son pair of sharpshooters to kill Castro when he stays at a hotel on the Isla de Pinos. Through Rossellini, Hud hires bar owner and ship's captain Tony (Stuart Whitman) to bring his men ashore, but the enterprise is fraught with betrayal. Also stars Woody Strode. Also with Albert Salmi, Sybil Danning and Caren Kaye.

On April 22, 1990, Albert and Roberta Salmi were found shot to death in their home in Spokane, Washington. According to police, Salmi, who was separated from Roberta at the time and was suffering from severe clinical depression, shot and killed his wife and then committed suicide.

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