The Flame Barrier

$19.99 - Free Shipping In The USA
aka's: Beyond The Flame Barrier/It Fell From the Flame Barrier
Carol Dahlmann (Kathleen Crowley) persuades Dave Hollister (Arthur Franz) to help her search for her husband who disappeared in the Yucatan jungle while he was searching for a lost satellite. Dave, his brother Matt (Robert Brown aka: Lazarus in the Star Trek episode "The Alternative Factor") and Carol locate the missing satellite and the corpse of her husband (Dan Gachman). Much to their horror, the satellite exudes a mysterious substance which disintegrates anything that comes into contact with it.

Frankenstein's Bloody Terror

$19.99 - Free Shipping In The USA
aka's: Die Vampire Des Dr. Dracula/La Marca Del Hombre Lobo/The Vampire Of Dr. Dracula/The Werewolf's Mark/ Hell's Creatures/The Wolfman Of Count Dracula/The Mark Of The Wolfman
Spanish horror film starring Paul Naschy as a man suffering from the curse of lyncanthrope who seeks help from doctor and wife team. They both turn out to be vampires and end up dueling it out with the werewolf star. Also stars Dyanik Zurakowska and Manuel Manzaneque.

NOTE: This is the English language version of Die Vampire Des Dr. Dracula, also available here at SSV.

Gallery Of Horrors

$19.99 - Free Shipping In The USA
aka's: Dr. Terror's Gallery Of Horrors/Alien Massacre
John Carradine narrates five horror tales, each with a comically predictable surprise ending. In the first, "The Witches Clock" (sic), The Farrells have purchased an old mansion in Salem Massachusetts, and are warned by the town doctor, Finchley, of the history of witches in the community, and the old clock which they brought up from the attic. Then an old man named Tristram Halbin comes for a visit. The second story, "King of the Vampires" deals with a slight-figured killer, called the King of the Vampires by Scotland Yard, which sends Brenner to investigate. The third, "Monster Raid," is about a man turned zombie when he OD's on his experimental drug, who returns to avenge his death at the hands of his widow and her lover-now husband. "Spark of Life" deals with a doctor Mendell (Lon Chaney Jr.) obsessed with the experiments of a thrown-out professor named Erich von Frankenstein, and two of his students who try to restore a cadaver to life. "Count Alucard" (called "Alucard" by Carradine and "Dracula: on the end credits, is a variation on the Dracula story, with the Count acquiring the deed to Carfax Abbey from Harker, as vampiresses and dead bodies start turning up. It, too, has a surprise ending unrelated to Stoker.

Ghosts On The Loose

$19.99 - Free Shipping In The USA
The Bowery Boys (the East Side Kids) end up in comedic horror when they try to renovate a crumbling house for Glimpy's newlywed sister and her husband. When they arrive at the address, they mistakenly start to work on the house next door--which is rumored to be haunted. Instead of ghosts, however, the Boys find a group of Nazi spies, led by Bela Lugosi.

The Ghoul Collection

(1970's and 1980's)
$29.99 - Free Shipping In The USA
In the 1970's and early 1980's, late-night television horror host character, The Ghoul (Ron Sweed), hosted late-night sci-fi flicks with in-between skits of polka music, rubber frogs and explosions of plastic models. Included in this set are two films edited by The Ghoul with inserted sound effects and dialogue. Also featured are two original TV broadcasts from the early 80's, which include the original network commercials of that time period.

Sold as a 4-DVD-R or VHS set.

Sweed died on April 1, 2019, five months after suffering a massive heart attack. He was 70 years old.

The Giant Of Marathon

$19.99 - Free Shipping In The USA
aka: La Battaglia Di Maratona
This sword and sandal spectacle was directed by Jacques Tourneur of Val Lewton fame and features cinematography by Italian horror master, Mario Bava. Steve Reeves plays a courageous Greek hero whose muscle-bound heroics are the source of deadly frustration for the invading Persians. Plenty of excitement and adventure in what is considered one of Reeves' best films.

This film comes from a nice widescreen import print.

Graveyard Of Horror

$19.99 - Free Shipping In The USA
aka's: The Butcher Of Binbrook/Necrophagus/
Necromaniac/Tráfico De Cadáveres

Scientist Michael Sharrington (Bill Curran) conducts strange experiments with the transmutation of human cells which involves hibernating bodies and pumping chemicals into the bloodstream. One night, he decides to perform these tests on himself -- with disastrous results. Also with Catherine Ellison, Franco Brana, Victor Israel, Beatriz Lacy and Rosario Royo.


$19.99 - Free Shipping In The USA
aka's: Hard Gore/Horror Whore/Sadoasylum
A nymphomaniac (Dianne Galke) goes to a sanitarium in hopes of being cured. In fact, the sanitarium is a front for a Satanic cult luring young women into a web of madness, torture and sex... but mostly just sex.

The Haunted House Of Horror

$19.99 - Free Shipping In The USA
aka's: Horror House/The Dark
Teenagers gathered in an old mansion are being murdered one by one. The survivors must discover who among them is the killer before he finishes everyone off. Stars Frankie Avalon, Jill Haworth and Dennis Price.

The Headless Ghost

$19.99 - Free Shipping In The USA
Three teenagers (Richard Lyon, Liliane Sottane and David Rose) encounter a ghost who is in limbo until he retrieves his lost head. They do their bit to help him find it. The original ads for The Headless Ghost read, "Head-hunting teenagers lost in the haunted castle!" That pretty much sums things up for this film, produced by Herman Choen, who also produced Horrors Of The Black Museum. The two films were released together as a drive-in double feature in 1959, back when double features were the ultimate date. Also with Clive Revill, who was also the original Emperor Palpatine in Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back (1980).

Honeymoon Of Horror

$19.99 - Free Shipping In The USA
aka's: Orgy Of The Golden Nudes/The Deadly Circle/The Golden Nymphs
Lilli (Abbey Heller), the new bride of sculptor Emile Duvre (Robert Parsons), fears for her safety when, in Duvre's luxurious home, she receives threatening telephone calls and has a series of accidents. It is revealed that each of Duvre's friends has a motive for wanting the new bride dead. The mystery revolves around a collection of golden statues made by Emile.

Horror Express

$19.99 - Free Shipping In The USA
aka: Pánico En El Transiberiano
An English anthropologist (Christopher Lee) has discovered a frozen monster in the frozen wastes of Manchuria which he believes may be the Missing Link. He brings the creature back to Europe aboard a trans-Siberian express, but during the trip the monster thaws out and starts to kill the passengers one by one.

Horror High (Uncut Theatrical Version)

$19.99 - Free Shipping In The USA
aka's: Twisted Brain/Kiss The Teacher... Goodbye!
A nerdy high school super-whiz experiments with a chemical which will transform his guinea pig, Mr. Mumps, from a gentle pet into a ravenous monster. In a fit of rage against his tormentors at the high school, Vernon Potts (Pat Cardi) goes on a killing spree, eliminating all of those who ever picked on him - the gym coach (John Niland), the school jock (Mike McHenry), the creepy janitor (Mr. Griggs) and his hated teacher, Mrs Grindstaff (Joye Hash). In the end he gets the jock's girlfriend (Rosie Holotik) for himself, but his happiness is short-lived, as the potion turns him into a monster hunted by Police Lieutenant Bozeman (Austin Stoker).

NOTE: This is the totally uncut theatrical version of Twisted Brain, which includes all the graphic gore and violence sequences that have been missing from all TV and DVD prints of this film for decades.

Horror Hospital

$19.99 - Free Shipping In The USA
aka: Computer Killers
Jason (Robin Askwith), a member of a 1960's pop group, decides he needs a break at a country retreat. On the train he meets Judy, niece of Aunt Harris, who owns the place with her husband Dr. Storm (Michael Gough), both of whom are using the guests for surgical mind-control experiments.

Horror House On Highway 5

$19.99 - Free Shipping In The USA
A mysterious killer, wearing a Nixon mask, terrorizes and murders a young couple. A professor assigns his students a project investigating the strange events connected to a possibly dead Nazi scientist Dr. Frederick Bartholomew. The doctor's assistant kidnaps students, holding them hostage and torturing them. Meanwhile, Nixon stalks the night! One of the most confusing and compelling homemade horror films ever made, future music video director Richard Casey's debut feature film, shot over years on nights and weekends, is a delirious collage of oddball gore, ludicrous plot twists and a general milieu of weirdness unlike anything else in cinema history.

1 in stock, unwrapped

Horror Of The Blood Monsters

$19.99 - Free Shipping In The USA
aka's: Creatures Of The Prehistoric Planet/Creatures Of The Red Planet/Blood Creatures From The Prehistoric Planet/Flesh Creatures Of The Red Planet/Horror
Creatures Of The Prehistoric Planet/The Flesh Creatures/Space Mission Of The Prehistoric Planet

In the near future with a intergalactic vampire plague threatening Earth, an expedition is sent to a distant galaxy in hopes of discovering the plague's source. Landing on a mysterious planet they discover that spectrum radiation has turned the atmosphere into a one-color tint. Exploring further, the group discovers living dinosaurs, a race of vampire cavemen and other strange creatures. Stars John Carradine, Robert Dix and Vicki Volante. Directed by Al Adamson.

The Horror Of Frankenstein

$19.99 - Free Shipping In The USA
The Scientist Dr. Frankenstein (Ralph Bates) builds a man (Dave "Darth Vader" Prowse) made up of a collection of spare body parts. The monster becomes alive but he has low mental capabilities. The monster is aggressive and wreaks havoc outside the laboratory. Also stars Kate O'Mara and Veronica Carlson.

This film comes from an uncut widescreen import print of excellent picture quality.

The Horror Of Party Beach

$19.99 - Free Shipping In The USA
Radioactive waste dumped off the coastline creates mutant monsters. The beasts attack slumber parties, beaches, tourists and terrorize a waterfront community as a scientist, his daughter, her boyfriend and the local police try to find a way to stop them.

This is the obscure, totally UNCUT version of this film, which contains all the violent monster-attack footage.

Horror Rises From The Tomb

$19.99 - Free Shipping In The USA
aka's: El Espanto Surge De La Tumba/Horror From The Tomb
In Medieval France a warlock (Paul Naschy) is beheaded and his wife (Helga Line) tortured and executed. Hundreds of years later an isolated group of people discover the warlock's head buried on their property. Soon it comes back to life, possessing people and using them to commit sacrifices and to search for the rest of his body. Also stars Emma Cohen and Vic Winner. (Uncut.)

Horrors Of The Black Museum

$19.99 - Free Shipping In The USA
aka: Crime In The Museum Of Horrors
A frustrated thriller writer (Michael Gough) wants accurate crimes for his next book so he hypnotizes his assistant (Graham Curnow) to commit the required crimes. Also stars June Cunningham.

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