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Horror High (Uncut Theatrical Version) (1973) $19.99
aka's: Twisted Brain/Kiss The Teacher... Goodbye!
A nerdy high school super-whiz experiments with a chemical which will transform his guinea pig, Mr. Mumps, from a gentle pet into a ravenous monster. In a fit of rage against his tormentors at the high school, Vernon Potts (Pat Cardi) goes on a killing spree, eliminating all of those who ever picked on him - the gym coach (John Niland), the school jock (Mike McHenry), the creepy janitor (Mr. Griggs) and his hated teacher, Mrs Grindstaff (Joye Hash). In the end he gets the jock's girlfriend (Rosie Holotik) for himself, but his happiness is short-lived, as the potion turns him into a monster hunted by Police Lieutenant Bozeman (Austin Stoker).

NOTE: This is the totally uncut theatrical version of Twisted Brain, which includes all the graphic gore and violence sequences that have been missing from all TV and DVD prints of this film for decades.

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