Devil's Kiss

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aka's: La Perversa Caricia De Satán/Le Baiser Du Diable
Former Countess Clair (Silvia Solar) and Professor Gruber (Oliver Matthau) are conducting occult research in a castle basement of Count Victor (Jose Nieto), re-animating people to kill for them.

Die Hexe Des Grafen Dracula

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aka's: The Crimson Cult/Curse Of The Crimson Altar
This was one of Boris Karloff's last films. When his brother disappears, Robert Manning (Mark Eden) pays a visit to the remote country house he was last heard from. While his host (Christopher Lee) is outwardly welcoming - and his niece (Virginia Wetherell) more demonstrably so - Manning detects a feeling of menace in the air with the legend of Lavinia Morley (Barbara Steele), The Black Witch of Greymarsh, hanging over everything. Also with Michael Gough. (In optional German or English language, with optional German subtitles).

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NOTE: This DVD is in PAL format which is not compatible with NTSC format DVD players. Most DVD players in the U.S. are NTSC only. Please check your DVD player's format before ordering.

Doctor Dracula

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aka's: Lucifer's Women/Svengali
Al Adamson brings his far-out school of cult movie making to the Dracula legend in this gruesome blend of sorcery, witchcraft, and vampirism, featuring screen favorites John Carradine and Donald Barry. Prominent author John Wainwright (Larry Hankin) claims to be the reincarnation of infamous mind controller Svengali. Using black magic, he stages the ritual sacrifice of his latest Trilby (Jane Brunel-Cohen) and ignites a confrontation with the strange Dr. Gregorio (Geoffrey Land)--actually the long undead Count Dracula himself! Leaving drained corpses and female vampire slaves in his wake, Gregorio embarks on an endless, evil journey in this startling shocker!

Director Al Adamson was to die under tragic circumstances. On August 2nd, 1995, his body was found buried under the freshly laid cement and tile of his bathroom after someone had informed the police they saw someone "burying something" on the property. His murderer, Fred Fulford, posed as Adamson (for about two weeks) using Adamson's clothes and credit cards at a hotel in Florida while on the run. Fulford was convicted soon afterwards and sentenced to 25 years to life.

Doll Face

$19.99 - Free Shipping In The USA
Burlesque queen Doll Face Carroll is dismissed from an audition for a legitimate Broadway show because she lacks culture. Her boss/manager Mike decides that she can get both culture and plenty of publicity by writing her autobiography. He hires a ghost writer to do all the work, but doesn't count on the possibility that Doll Face and her collaborator might have more than a book on their minds.

Eaten Alive! (Uncut Version)

$19.99 - Free Shipping In The USA
aka's: Mangiati Vivi!/Doomed To Die/The Emerald Jungle
A young woman (Janet Agren) teams up with an adventurer (Robert Kerman) to find her missing sister (Paolo Senatore) in the jungles of New Guinea and they stumble upon a religious cult led by a deranged preacher (Ivan Rassimov) whom has located his commune in an area inhabited by cannibals. Also with Me Me Lai.


$19.99 - Free Shipping In The USA
aka: El Castillo De Las Vampiras
This erotic horror film, set in 1916, tells the story of a thief who seeks refuge in a castle owned by two women, Eva (Brigitte Lahaie) and Elizabeth (Franca Mai). The women are seductive and teasing, but turn out to be part of a vampiric cult of blood drinking aristocrats. (In French language, with English subtitles).

This film comes from a very nice, slightly widescreen, uncut import print.

Forbidden Lust

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When archeologist Roger receives a strange and sexy idol at his office, he is unaware of the erotic powers it possesses. He has been studying the possible existence of an ancient culture that had strangely enhanced senses through ceremonial rites and once the idol is in his possession, he is overcome with highly sensual dreams. Caught between the reality he is studying and the ancient erotic rites he is learning about, he must solicit the help of his sexy colleague Jenny - the only one who can bring him back to the present.

Funeral Home

$19.99 - Free Shipping In The USA
aka's: Cries In The Night/The Cry Of Darkness/Schreie Der Nacht
A young woman (Lesleh Donaldson) arrives at her grandmother's house, which used to be a funeral home, to help her turn the place into a bed-and-breakfast inn. However, after they open, guests begin disappearing and turning up dead. Also stars Kay Hawtrey and Barry Morse (of Space: 1999 fame). Also with Dean Garbett and Stephen E. Miller.

Trivia: According to Canadian film actress, Lesleh Donaldson, this film is quite a popular cult classic in Mexico.

Canadian film company, Frontier Amusements, released this film in Canada on October 3rd, 1980, as Cries In The Night, then later re-released the film in the U.S. on August 12th, 1982, as Funeral Home.

The Girl In Room 2A

$19.99 - Free Shipping In The USA
aka's: La Casa Della Paura/The Girl In 2A
A sadistic killer cult kidnaps and sacrifices beautiful women. Soon a young girl (Daniela Giordano), just paroled from prison, moves into a strange house and appears to be the cult's next victim. Also stars Angelo Infanti and John Scanlon. Also with Rosalba Neri, Brad Harris, Raf Vallone and Karin Schubert. (Uncut).

Girl With The Long Hair

$19.99 - Free Shipping In The USA
aka's: Chang Fa Gu Niang/Cheung Fat Goo Leung/

Girl With Long Hair shows how universal the look of 1970's softcore pornography was. It is populated by hipsters wearing aviator glasses and cool mustaches running after hot chicks with feathered Farrah Fawcett hairstyles and plastic jewelry. There are shag carpets on the floor and oil paintings on velvet on the walls. The decor uses the brightest colors available, especially international orange, a then ubiquitous shade that is now only seen on emergency equipment such as life jackets. The set designer and costume designer also used a lot of school bus yellow, fire engine red, and other bright, high visibility primary colors. Stars Dana, Hung Wei, Yung Henry Yu and Terry Liu (aka: Princess Dragon Mom, in the cult flick Infra Man (1975)). (In Chinese language, with English subtitles).


$19.99 - Free Shipping In The USA
aka's: Gojira/ゴジラ
Godzilla (aka: Gojira) is the roaring granddaddy of all monster movies. It's also a remarkably humane and melancholy drama, made in Japan at a time when the country was reeling from nuclear attack and H-bomb testing in the Pacific. Its rampaging radioactive beast, the poignant embodiment of an entire population's fears, became a beloved international icon of destruction, spawning almost thirty sequels. A thrilling, tactile spectacle that continues to be a cult phenomenon, the original 1954 Japanese version is presented here, along with with Godzilla, King Of The Monsters, the 1956 "Americanized" version.

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$19.99 - Free Shipping In The USA
aka's: Gorilla Safari/Gorilla: En Filmberättelse Frĺn Belgiska Kongo
Renowned cinematographer Sven Nykvist co-directed this fascinating mix of documentary and drama, which concerns a hunter on the trail of a killer-ape. The game warden's quest is made more difficult by the persistent intrusions of a female reporter eager to chronicle the dangerous safari in the Belgian Congo. Georges Galley and Gio Petre star in this romantic Swedish adventure film.


$19.99 - Free Shipping In The USA
aka's: Hard Gore/Horror Whore/Sadoasylum
A nymphomaniac (Dianne Galke) goes to a sanitarium in hopes of being cured. In fact, the sanitarium is a front for a Satanic cult luring young women into a web of madness, torture and sex... but mostly just sex.

Hercules Against Moloch

$19.99 - Free Shipping In The USA
aka: Ercole Contro Molock
Glaucus (Gordon Scott), the prince of Tiryns and a powerful warrior, goes undercover in Mycenae to infiltrate the evil cult of Moloch, which is exacting tribute from neighboring kingdoms in the form of attractive young hostages, both male and female. Calling himself Hercules, Glaucus defeats Mycenae's champions and gains the favor of the voluptuous Queen Demetra (Rosalba Neri) whose son, covered in a dog's head mask, has been raised as the living embodiment of the dark god Moloch and receives sacrifices in his sprawling underground grotto. Princess Medea (Alessandra Panaro), a proponent of a rival religion devoted to the Earth Goddess, makes contact with Glaucus and helps him set up an elaborate plan for opening the walled city's gates to an invasion by the army of Tiryns.

Hollywood And Vine

$19.99 - Free Shipping In The USA
aka: Daisy Goes Hollywood
A young girl arrives in Hollywood determined to become a star in the movies, but finds that attaining stardom is a lot more difficult then she counted on. Howewver, she does become a star of sorts--as the owner of a dog who does become a movie star!

The Incubus

$19.99 - Free Shipping In The USA
In the small New England town of Galen, a young teenage boy claims he has dreams of young women being brutally raped and murdered. A doctor and the local sheriff discover that the boy's dreams are real and that a sinister occult might be behind the brutal murders. Stars John Cassavetes, John Ireland, Kerrie Keane.

Invasion Of The Blood Farmers

$19.99 - Free Shipping In The USA
Somewhere in upstate New York, a young woman is terrorized by a group of rural farmers in an evil cult primarily interested in a harvest of blood to revive their queen.

Invasion Of The Girl Snatchers

$19.99 - Free Shipping In The USA
aka's: The Hidan Of Maukbeiangjow/Kaspar And Prudence Laugh Till It Hurts At The Killers Of The Zombie Plot: A Musical
1970's spoof of American New Wave films, featuring a criminal couple (Elizabeth Rush and Ele Grigsby) on the run encountering a UFO cult.

The topless scenes were intended to be played by Pepper Thurston, but she refused at the last minute, and since the investors insisted the film contain nudity, writer Carla Rueckert performed the scenes under a pseudonym. They were the first scenes shot.

The Ivory Ape

$19.99 - Free Shipping In The USA
aka's: The Endangered Species/Animal Attraction/Jagd Auf Den Weissen Gorilla/Jungle Love
An ivory-colored gorilla escapes from a freighter and makes its way to Bermuda. Then afterwards, two anthropologists (Steven Keats and Cindy Pickett) want to save it, but the local authorities hire a big game hunter (Jack Palance) to track it down and kill it. Also with Céline Lomez and Earle Hyman.

Sadly and unexpectedly, on May 8th, 1994, Steven Keats was found dead (by his son) in his apartment in Manhattan, New York. His death was ruled an apparent suicide. Due to the fact that he left no suicide note, no one really knows the exact reason why Keats decided to end his life. He was 49.

At the time of his death, Keats had a part on a long running soap opera, so it was definitely not because he was out of work.

However, for some strange reason, he had been down rated to a "B" actor (despite having attended Yale University's prestigious School of Drama and having starred in Hester Street and Seventh Avenue, for which he was nominated for an Emmy).

It has been suggested that the reason for Keats suicide may hearken back to his service with the Air Force, from 1965-66, in Vietnam. Apparently, Keats was with a company that scouted out the enemy, whom they shelled, then was later forced to fly his plane low to count the casualties. It's interesting to note that as a result of this horrific service, many of Keats fellow soldiers also committed suicide. On a further note, Keats himself admitted that he was under psychiatric treatment for post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) as well.

Ironically, and possibly a harbinger of the tragedy to come, Keats played in an episode of a 1974 TV series police drama titled Toma. The title of the episode was called "50% Of Normal," in which Keats portrayed a homeless, mentally disturbed, Vietnam veteran. In the episode, Dave Toma, a police officer, was trying desperately to help a wounded soul, (Keats) but just before he found an opportunity to do so, received word that the veteran (Keats) had killed himself.

It's unfortunate that Steven Keats, who was one of the best actors of the 1970's, is not remembered as much as he should be.

Personal Quote from Keats:

"I love the idea that people have a difficult time connecting me from one role to the next. It means I'm creating characters. In terms of career, however, it can pose a problem because people never know who I am."

The picture quality for this very rare film is a bit soft, but it is still the best print currently available anywhere.

Karzan vs. The Nude Warrior Women (Uncut Version)

$19.99 - Free Shipping In The USA
aka's: Amazones/Karzan Contro Le Donne Dal Seno Nudo/ Maciste Contre La Reine/Amazon Golden Temple/The Lustful Amazons/Yuka
In medieval France, traveler Pygar (Robert Woods) tells he-man Karzan (Maciste in the French version - played by Val Davis) of his recent journey to a place called Antigua, and of its entire community of Amazons promising undreamed of sexual satisfaction to any man who comes upon them. More importantly, Pygar tells of a fortune in gold. Karzan/Maciste is persuaded to undertake the journey in search of riches, unaware that Pygar is in collusion with the Amazon Queen to actually deliver Maciste as a slave stud to help rejuvenate the race. The expedition is ambushed, Maciste is placed into the Amazons' service and Pygar, along with one of the Amazon women, Yuka (Lina Romay), attempt to swipe a fortune in gold for themselves. (In French language).

Spanish cult film actress Lina Romay died from cancer on February 15th, 2012, in Malaga, Spain. She was 57.

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