The Afterman

$19.99 - Free Shipping In The USA
In this post-apocalyptic thriller, a man lives alone in a nuclear fallout shelter for 20 years after a nuclear holocaust, and as a result, can't read, write or speak. Eventually, he leaves the shelter and wanders into a barbaric world full of sex and depravity. Stars Jacques Verbist, Franka Ravet and Dora Raskin. (Note: This film has no spoken dialogue).

Agent 077: Mission Bloody Mary

$19.99 - Free Shipping In The USA
aka's: Agente 077 Missione Bloody Mary/Misión Bloody Mary/La Muerte Espera En Atenas/Operación Loto Azul/ Operation Lotus Bleu
What Agent 007 is to the British secret service, Agent 077 (Ken Clark) is to the American CIA. A portable and dangerous bomb is stolen by "The Black Lily" and is to be sold to the Chinese. Agent 077 is assigned to recover the weapon and his search takes him through breathtaking scenery of Europe. With help from Dr. Elsa Freeman (Helga Linné), they chase the bomb from Paris to Madrid and Athens. Will they be able to retrieve the bomb, code named "Bloody Mary," before it falls into the wrong hands?

Agent For H.A.R.M.

$19.99 - Free Shipping In The USA
aka: Agent For HARM
This spy-thriller pokes fun at James Bond movies as it tells the story of a master American spy (Mark Richman) who must protect a scientist from Russian agents, who want his formula for stopping alien spores that turn human flesh into fungus. Also stars Wendell Corey and Carl Esmond. Also with Barbara Bouchet and Aliza Gur.

Agente 00 Sexy

$19.99 - Free Shipping In The USA
Oddball spy-spoof that features sexy Amadee Chabot in a revealing "feline" outfit, plus the usual action and strange music. Also with Fernando Lujan and Hector Lechuga. (In Spanish language).

Agente Segreto 0.70: Un Tango Dalla Russia

$19.99 - Free Shipping In The USA
aka's: Un Tango Dalla Russia/Agente Segreto 070: Un Tango Dalla Russia/Secret Agent Oyo Vs. Pigman
A secret agent (Dan Christian) is sent to find a missing formula, stolen from a scientist by a pig-faced villain, in this fast paced spy thriller. Also stars Britt Semand and Seyna Seyn. Also with Liv Ferrer, Gara Granda and Attilio Dottesio. (In Italian language).

NOTE: The picture quality for this film is a bit soft and grainy, but still the best currently available anywhere.

Akce Bororo

$19.99 - Free Shipping In The USA
aka: Operation Bororo
A Czech doctor (Svatopluk Matyás) is visited by an alien woman named Maya (Bozidara Turzonovová ) who has arrived on Earth to obtain a cure for a disease that plagues her home world. Soon the two fall for each other. (In Czech language).

Al Tropico Del Cancro

$19.99 - Free Shipping In The USA
aka's: Tropic Of Cancer/Death In Haiti
Gabriele Tinti and Anita Strindberg play a couple who are vacationing in Haiti and happen to stumble upon an old doctor friend, Dr. Williams (Anthony Steffen). Dr. Williams has developed a powerful new hallucinogenic drug and there are quite a few different parties interesting in acquiring the formula. Soon enough people start to die as the race for the drug intensifies. (In Italian language, with English subtitles).


$19.99 - Free Shipping In The USA
aka's: Death In The Sun/Der Flüsternde Tod/The Night Of The Askari/Whispering Death
A colonial police officer (James Faulkner) in Rhodesia hunts down the albino terrorist (Horst Frank) who raped and murdered his fiancé (Sybil Danning). Also stars Christopher Lee and Trevor Howard.

German actor Horst Frank died on May 25th, 1999, from heart failure. He was 70.

Alfie Darling

$19.99 - Free Shipping In The USA
aka: Oh Alfie
Alfie (Alan Price) is up to his old womanizing ways, until he meets his match in a sophisticated magazine editor Abby (Jill Townsend). His pursuit is complicated by his encounter with Norma (Sheila White) and the fact that a jealous husband won't let him forget about his time with his wife Fay (Joan Collins). Also stars Rula Lenska.

Alien 2 (35mm Upgrade)

$19.99 - Free Shipping In The USA
aka's: Alien 2 Sulla Terra/Alien 2 E Sulla Terra/
Alien 2: On Earth/Strangers

Italian rip-off of Alien. As the world awaits the return of a crew of astronauts from a deep space mission, a young woman (Belinda Mayne) begins to have horrible psychic visions. After the spacecraft returns to Earth missing its occupants, people begin discovering weird, pulsating rocks, which are revealed to be the eggs of an alien creature that incubates inside human hosts before exploding out. Also stars Marc Bodin and Roberto Barrese.

This film came from an uncut widescreen UK import print, in excellent picture quality.

Alien Dead

$19.99 - Free Shipping In The USA
A meteor strikes a houseboat in the swamps near a southern town populated by Yankees with fake accents. The people on the houseboat become zombies who feed on the alligators in the swamp. Once they run out of alligators, they start going for the citizens. A local scientist tries to figure out what's happening to people once they start disappearing. (With Buster Crabbe in his last screen appearance.)

The Alien Factor

$19.99 - Free Shipping In The USA
A spaceship containing specimens for an intergalactic zoo crashes on Earth near a small back woods town. The specimens escape, and soon town folk are turning up mutilated. Very low budget feature was the first for Baltimore filmmaker Don Dohler. Stars Don Leifert, Tom Griffith and Richard Dyszel.

Alien Factor 2: The Alien Rampage

$19.99 - Free Shipping In The USA
Witness the return of Baltimore's greatest alien terror in this monstrous saga. Watch in horror as alien space specimens escape and run amok in the countryside, leaving pandemonium in their wake! Stars Donna Sherman, Patrick Bussink and Jonas Grey.

Alien From The Deep

$19.99 - Free Shipping In The USA
aka: Alien Degli Abissi
An Italian, Sci-fi Alien imitation. On a tropical island, an unscrupulous chemical company dumps its radioactive waste into a nearby active volcano. Complications arise when an alien monster emerges from a nearby lake and kills all, as it heads to the volcano, drawn to the waste. Stars Daniel Bosch, Julia McKay, Alan Collins, Robert Marius and Charles Napier.

Alien Seed

$19.99 - Free Shipping In The USA
aka: But Deliver Us From Evil
A young student (Shellie Block) is kidnapped and impregnated by aliens who wish her to conceive a messiah to save Earth from man's corruption. But when the woman turns up murdered, her sister (Heidi Paine), who has vowed revenge, finds herself to be the new target for the alien conception, for the alien prophecy can not be ignored. Also stars Erik Estrada.

The Aliens Are Coming

$19.99 - Free Shipping In The USA
aka's: Alien Force/The Aliens/The New Invaders
In this made-for-TV movie, Tom Mason plays an astrophysicist who is convinced that evil aliens are among the population, infiltrating human bodies for the purpose of preparing for an alien invasion. Also with Eric Braeden, Max Gail, Fawne Harriman, Ed Harris and Gerald McRaney.

Aliens From Spaceship Earth

$19.99 - Free Shipping In The USA
This documentary explores the possibility that there have been extraterrestrials in our midst, and that such aliens have taken human form. With appearances by Raymond Burr, Rennie Davis, Lynda Day George, Donovan (who also provides soundtrack), Martin Landau, Cybill Shepherd, Leigh Taylor-Young, Jan-Michael Vincent and several Indian gurus including fraud Maharishi Mahesh Yogi (former Beatles spiritual leader).

All For Mary

$19.99 - Free Shipping In The USA
In a Swiss Alpine resort shortly after WWII an army officer (Nigel Patrick) and upper-class Humpy Miller (David Tomlinson) both set their sights on Mary (Jill Day), the landlord's daughter. When the two come down with chicken pox they are put in the charge of fellow guest Miss Cartwright (Kathleen Harrison), who turns out to be Humpy's old nanny. The two Englishmen unite not only against her tyranny but against a dense Greek (Leo McKern) who is also after Mary.

All Ladies Do It

$19.99 - Free Shipping In The USA
aka's: Cosi Fan Tutte/All Women Do It/The Filthy, Disease-Ridden Whore Who Screwed All Of Italy
Diana (Claudia Koll) is happily married to Paolo (Paolo Lanza), but due to her extroverted character, she regularly winds up in short-lived adventures--which she doesn't keep hidden from Paolo. On the contrary, by telling him, their sexual relationship is fueled with fresh impulses. When Diana experiences a stormy affair with the poet Alphonse--who is obsessed with female bottoms--Paolo gets jealous after all. He resents Diana, who responds by indulging in a series of sexual excesses with her sister and some friends. After a particularly rough house party, however, Diana returns to Paolo. (In Italian language with English subtitles).

Alphaville (English Language Version)

$19.99 - Free Shipping In The USA
aka's: Alphaville, Une Étrange Aventure De Lemmy Caution/Tarzan vs. IBM/Agente Lemmy Caution: Missione Alphaville/Alphaville, A Strange Adventure Of Lemmy Caution/Alphaville, A Strange Case Of Lemmy Caution
A U.S. secret agent (Eddie Constantine) is sent to the distant space city of Alphaville where he must find a missing person (Akim Tamiroff) and free the city from its tyrannical ruler (Howard Vernon). Also stars Anna Karina.

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