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aka's: Entrecuisses/Between Thighs
In this sexual comedy, Brigitte Lahaie and her lover invite a group of their young friends to stay with them. Swapping partners, voyeurism and very energetic sex are just some of the fun activities planned. Also with Anouchka, Willy Braque, Joel Charvier, Guy Royer and Marion Webb. (In French language). ADULT CONTENT.

Secretaires Sans Culotte

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aka's: Cette Malicieuse Martine/Martine, Venus Der Wollust
Richard Lemieuvre plays a dentist in Paris. His niece, Martine (Barbara Moose) comes to visit and he hires a private detective (Dominique Aveline) to keep a watch on her. Martine works as his receptionist at first and spies on him having sex with a patient (Brigitte Lahaie). Martine later goes to a shoe shop where Liliane Lemieuvre is a customer (non-sex). Martine then has sex with the shop assistant, who notices her playing with herself. Martine has various adventures, including getting involved in a fetish dungeon scene with Diane Dubois, Marilyn Jess and Guy Royer, sex with a waiter in the hotel, watches Alban Ceray having sex with Morgane (dressed as a bride), phoning up her uncle while he has sex with his wife (Cathy Stewart) and finally with Dominique Aveline. (In French language). ADULT CONTENT.

Secrets Of A French Maid

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aka's: Come Play With Me 2/Die Nichten Der Frau Oberst
Frau Oberst (Karine Gambier), a very young widow, lives in a magnificent country estate and competes with her nieces, the countess and her servants to have affairs with as many people as possible including a portrait painter whom she casts off to Julia (Brigitte Lahaie) when she has finished with him. She affectionately looks at others having sex while she caresses herself and then, for sure, finds her way with the men involved later on. Also with Pascale Vital, Nadine Pascal and France Lomay. ADULT CONTENT.

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