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The Mighty Gorga (1969) $19.99
aka: Attack Of The Death Monsters
The hunt for a gigantic 50-ton African gorilla provides the basis for this adventure-fantasy, when a circus manager (Anthony Eisley) leads an expedition right into a native ambush. The explorers are captured and slated to become human sacrifices when the towering Gorga (David L. Hewitt) shows up and destroys everything. Fortunately, the explorers escape and find safety in an enormous cave that proves to be filled with priceless jewels. If the travelers can escape Gorga's wrath, they just might become wealthy. Also stars Megan Timothy, Scott Brady and Kent Taylor. Also with Greydon Clark and Gary Graver. Written and directed by David L. Hewitt.

Trivia: All of the accessories and headdresses worn by the Witch Doctor and the Tribal Chief in this film are authentic. They actually came from a real headhunting tribe from South America.

This film features what has to be one of the worst gorilla costumes ever committed to film, worn by the un-credited David L. Hewitt. Hewitt was a producer of low budget sci-fi films mainly from the 1960's and 70's.

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