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The Magic Sword (1962) $19.99
aka's: St. George And The Dragon/St. George And The Seven Curses/The Seven Curses Of Lodac
An evil sorcerer named Lodac (Basil Rathbone), captures Princess Helene (Anne Helm) and whisks her off to his castle. Young George (Gary Lockwood) has been inflamed with love for Helene from afar. Aided by a magic sword, he sets off with his six knights to save her. However, he must travel with Sir Branton (Liam Sullivan), who also has romantic aspirations for the Princess. Together the knights must face Lodac's seven curses, which includes Dragons, ogres, monsters and witches, before they can rescue the Princess. Considered by many to be Bert I. Gordon's best film. Also with Maila Nurmi.

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