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Yog, Monster From Space (English Language Version) (1970) $19.99
aka's: Gezora, Ganime, Kameba: Kessen! Nankai No Daikaijū/Supesu Amiiba/The Space Amoeba/

A space probe is infiltrated by alien beings and then crashes on a remote Pacific atoll. A group planning to build a resort hotel land on the island and discover it to be inhabited by giant mutant monsters, created by the aliens in an attempt to conquer the world. Stars Akira Kubo, Atsuko Takahashi and Yukiko Kobayashi. Also with Kenji Sahara, Yoshio Tsuchiya and Haruo Nakajima (as monsters Gezora & Kameba).

NOTE: This is the very rare A.I.P. English language version of the film, which features a much superior audio dub than the 2006 DVD release.

The giant turtle in this film is known in Japan as Kameba and internationally as Kamoebas. The name is a mixture of kame, the Japanese word for turtle and amoebas.

The lighted eyes on the monster Gezora (Haruo Nakajima) went dead halfway through the filming of the special effects. Because there was no money left in the special effects budget to repair them, they remain unlighted in certain scenes.

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