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Yeti: The Giant Of The 20th Century (35mm Extended Upgrade) (1977) $19.99
aka's: Yeti - Il Gigante Del 20. Secolo/Iceman/Bigfoot
A 100-foot tall bigfoot-like monster is found frozen in ice. Later it escapes and goes on a destructive rampage. Even though it was mainly an Italian production, this film was extensively shot in the Toronto area, with the story taking place there instead of being disguised as an American location.

This film was released around the same time as the 1976 King Kong remake and producer Dino Delaurentis had a court injunction issued against it, as he also did with Queen Kong (1976).

This film came from an excellent widescreen 35mm European import print, which far surpasses any previous versions offered anywhere else. The version offered here is also the extended 101 minute European cut, which restores about 20 minutes of previously edited footage.

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