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Thunder Of Gigantic Serpent (35mm Upgrade) (1984) $19.99
aka's: Daai Se Wong/Terror Serpent/Da She Wang/
King Of Snake/King Of Snakes/大蛇王

A secret formula that can cause plants and animals to expand a thousand-fold in size is stolen by a terrorist group. During a wild chase and shoot-out, the formula is lost. It is later found by a little girl who accidentally gives the formula to her pet snake. After the snake grows to an immense size, it follows and protects her. When the terrorists go after the girl, the snake begins destroying everything in its path. Features an awesome display of miniatures and pyrotechnics designed by special effects director Simon Chu. Stars Pierre Kirby, Edowan Bersmea, Danny Raisebeck and Dewey Bosworth. Also with Lee Hsiu Hsien, Carol Chang and Andy Lee. Directed by Godfrey (aka: Benny) Ho.

NOTE: This extremely rare Chinese and Taiwanese film was actually produced in 1984, but not released worldwide until 1988.

This film came from a very nice 35mm German import print, which far surpasses any previous versions offered anywhere else.

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