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Kill The Wicked! (1967) $19.99
aka's: Dio Non Paga Il Sabato/Kill The Wickeds
In a small town in the Old West, a bandit is about to be hung for his crimes, but before the sentence can be carried out, his friends and a group of hired Mexican killers attack the townspeople and free him. Reunited, the gang pay off the Mexicans, but quickly attack them at night and take back their money. The group next robs a stagecoach carrying a large amount of money. Randall (Robert Mark) is shot and doesn't make it back. The rest of the gang hide out in a ghost town until the heat is off and they can move into Mexico, but when a drifter and a woman (Who Randall earlier rescued from an overturned wagon) arrive in the town, tensions arise among the gang members. Also stars Larry Ward.

Larry Ward died on February 16th, 1985, from undisclosed causes. He was 60.

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