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Revenge Of The Resurrected (1973) $19.99
aka's: Un Dólar de Recompensa/La Preda E L'avvoltoio/La Presa Y La Buitre/Prey Of Vultures/ The Artist Is A Gunfighter/Those Damned Pounds Of Gold
Peter Lee Lawrence plays a sketch artist named Kit, who witnesses the murders of a stagecoach full of people, including his father. Although the killers are masked, each has a distinctive feature to his clothing that Kit sketches in order to later identify the gang, all of whom are prominent citizens of a nearby town. Kit assumes the secret identity of "The Resurrected" and posts note accusing each killer one by one until they all expose themselves. Also with Orchidea de Santis, Carlos Romero Marchent and Andrés Mejuto.

In 1972, Peter Lee Lawrence began suffering from headaches. Once filming finished on Los Caballeros del Botón de Ancla, he was admitted to the Foundation Jimenez Diaz Hospital in Madrid, where he was operated on by Dr. Sixto Obrador. The surgery was a success, but the biopsy report revealed it was a glioblastoma (brain tumor). He moved to Zurich, where, under the auspices of Professor Wolfgang Horst, he began both chemotherapy and radium treatments. On March 25th, 1974, Lawrence was admitted to the Villa Stuart Clinic in Rome with severe stomach pains. He later died on April 20th, 1974, at 3:10 in the morning. He was just 30 years old.

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