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Color Climax Bestsellers No. 236 (1987) $19.99
aka: Color Climax Bestsellers #236

Eight classic short films from the golden age of porn.

Fuck Film Party:
They want to make a really juicy porn film. Fucking, blowing and sucking, no problem, not for them or their girls. They shouldn't forget to film though!

Dirty Tricks:
A porn producer, his assistant and the secretary: All three are very eager. An orgy evolves so far out that you won't believe your eyes.

Love Doll:
The red-hot orgy starts with a rubber sex doll. Then everybody wonders, is this doll alive? Is it magic? You'll be surprised.

Wet Sex Women:
That both beautiful girls are starting an orgy in the garden is not unnoticed by the gardener! Is the man just going to stand there?

Happy Hookers:
Two super models are giving top class sex treatment to their clients. First they put on an exciting live show. Then during the action they begin playing with their love tunnels.

Dirty Dinner:
Three top models are serving an exciting dinner for two business men. As you will see, their shaved areas reveal their talent to enjoy fucking too.

Urine Treatment:
Nothing stays dry in this sunny place. It's damn wet throughout! Both boys and their playmates steal the show.

Penis Suprise:
Two girls, both lesbians, are suprised by a man during their hot tryst. He thoroughly rams both and spreads his spunk around.

(In German language). Not that it matters one bit!

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