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Carthage In Flames (1960) $19.99
aka's: Cartagine In Fiamme/Carthage En Flammes
In 146 B.C. as the Roman legions lay siege to Carthage, Hiram (José Suárez), an exiled soldier-statesman, rescues a beautiful Roman, Fulvia (Anne Heywood), from a sacrificial altar. Hiram's enemy, the wily Phegor (Daniel Gélin), pursues them, but after a battle at sea, Hiram eludes Phegor and returns in secret to Carthage, where he learns that his beloved Ophir has been betrothed by her father to wed a young warrior, Tsour. Hiram abducts Ophir (Ilaria Occhini) and takes to sea once more. Phegor then captures Fulvia, whom he covets, and Hiram again tries to rescue her, but this time he is caught. Fulvia, in love with Hiram, arranges for his escape by promising to give herself to Phegor. As the Roman legions advance, Hiram appears before the grand council and volunteers to lead an army. Tsour (Terence Hill), sensing the sincerity of the offer, aligns himself with Hiram and joins him in going to meet the Romans, but they are unable to win the battle as Tsour is killed. Hiram flees with Ophir to the safety of his ship as the Romans enter Carthage. Fulvia seeks out Phegor, embraces him and drags him to his death in the flaming ruins of the city.

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