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Rare Female Horror Hosts (Various) $29.99

1. Crematia Mortem hosts Laserblast (1978)
Crematia Mortem was the host of KSHB-TV 41 (Kansas City) late night television show Creature Features (1981 - 1988). She was the creation of Roberta Solomon, a local television and vocal talent. Usually sitting in a large wicker chair on a set consisting of little more than a dark backdrop, she presided over the evening's entertainment (B movies), commenting and participating in gags sometimes related to the film. Wearing a long black wig and pale make-up, a black dress with a purple corset, the emphasis here was camp. ~ Wikipedia
Film synopsis: Alien creatures kill a mutated alien creature in the California desert. Its remains, and the high-tech laser gun and power source accidentally left behind, are found by an ostracized teenager. However, the power source causes the teenager to mutate, too, and he goes on a murderous rampage. Eventually, the first aliens return to kill him as well, and then forget to take the gun again.

2. Penny Dreadful hosts Black Sabbath (1963)
Film synopsis: A trio of atmospheric horror tales about: A woman terrorized in her apartment by phone calls from an escaped prisoner from her past; a Russian count in the early 1800's who stumbles upon a family in the countryside trying to destroy a particularly vicious line of vampires; and a 1900-era nurse who makes a fateful decision while preparing the corpse of one of her patients - an elderly medium who died during a seance.

3. Madam Mortem hosts Dementia 13 (1963)
Madame Mortem (Samantha Ramirez) hosts Madame Mortem's Midway Of Madness which debuted on July 11, 2003 on on Cablevision of Monmouth, Channel 77 in Jackson, New Jersey.
Film synopsis: Members of an Irish family are being killed off by one of their own who wishes to inherit the family fortune.

4. Macabre Theater - Ivonna Cadaver hosts Satan's School For Girls (1973)
Ivonna Cadaver co-hosts Macabre Theater with Butch Patrick (aka Eddie Munster from The Munsters). The pair preforms skits and entertains various celebrity guests. The show is based in Los Angeles.
Film synopsis: A young woman's investigation into the seemingly unmotivated suicide of her sister leads her to an exclusive girls' school where she soon finds herself in the same satanic grip that drove her sister and others to their deaths.

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