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Gammera The Invincible (Widescreen English Language Theatrical Version) 35mm UPGRADE (1966) $19.99
aka: Daikaijū Gamera/Gamera The Invincible/大怪獣ガメラ
A nuclear explosion in the far north unleashes Gammera, the legendary flying turtle, from his long sleep under the ice. In his search for energy, Gammera wreaks havoc over the entire world and it's up to scientists, assisted by a young boy (Yoshiro Uchida) with a strange sympathetic link to the monster, to put a stop to Gammera's rampage. Stars Albert Dekker, Brian Donlevy and Diane Findlay. With Eiji Funakoshi and Harumi Kiritachi. This is the English language version of Daikaiju Gamera (also available here at SSV). In Widescreen format.

Albert Dekker would later die under mysterious circumstances. On May 5th, 1968, he was found bound and gagged, laying in his bathtub with obscene writing in red lipstick all over his body. Detectives later determined he apparently died, by accident, from self-inflicted auto-erotic asphyxiation.

Comes from an excellent 35mm upgraded print.

NOTE: This film includes inserted scenes with American actors Albert Dekker, Brian Donlevy, Diane Findlay and others. These inserted scenes do not appear in the Japanese version of this film.

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