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The Million Eyes Of Su-Muru (1967) $19.99
aka's: The Million Eyes Of Sumuru/The Slaves Of Sumuru/Sumuru Die Tochter Des Satans/Sumuru/The 1000 Eyes Of Su-Muru
In this world of international espionage, where loving men is against the law, the stunning Su-Muru (Shirley Eaton) is globally known as the most diabolical, bizarre and sadistic woman who ever lived. Her all-female, man-hating Amazon cult, kidnaps two CIA agents (Frankie Avalon and George Nader) as part of their plot for the destruction of all mankind. Klaus Kinski steps in with possibly the strangest role of his career, as the creepy homosexual president of Sinonesia, who gets turned into stone. Also stars Wilfrid Hyde-White and with Patti Chandler and Maria Rohm. (In Widescreen format).

Trivia: George Nader retired completely from acting in 1974 after sustaining an eye injury and developing glaucoma. Apparently, the injury made him particularly sensitive to the bright lights used on film sets. According to an interview in the German fanzine Splatting Image, the injury was the result of an accident during the production of a very limited released film titled Zigzag (1963), when a blank pistol round exploded too early and close to his eyes. Filming took place in the Philippines and no adequate treatment was taken in time, resulting in the partial loss of his eyesight.

Nader's longtime companion, Mark Miller, was actor Rock Hudson's personal secretary for nearly 13 years.

Despite the fact that Nader's career was more or less sabotaged by Universal Studios and sacrificed to the tabloids in order to save Rock Hudson's much more lucrative reputation, Hudson and Nader remained life-long friends, but never lovers. Nader was named as one of the beneficiaries of Hudson's $27 million estate when the actor died of AIDS in 1985.

After Nader was finished in films, he turned to writing. His 1978 novel Chrome broke major ground in that it was the first sci-fi thriller to have a homosexual theme (gay robots).

Stricken by multiple medical problems, Nader entered the hospital in September of 2001. He later died on February 2nd, 2002, at Woodland Hills, California from cardiac-pulmonary failure, pneumonia and multiple cerebral infarctions. He was 80.

NOTE: This film came from a widescreen import print in very nice picture quality and is currently the best English language version of this film available anywhere.

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