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Caged Fury (1983) $19.99
aka's: Camp Der Verlorenen Frauen/Captives/Hell Train: Camp Der Verlorenen Frauen
As part of a villainous experiment, ten female POW's are held captive in a remote prison camp. The object of the "experiment" is to brainwash these women into becoming time-bomb carrying assassins. Their targets: The worlds leading heads of state. The saga of these POW's, their struggle to survive and means by which they escape torture and humiliation, are filled with anguish and adventure. Finally, after having endured more than any nightmare could imagine, they prepare for a daring escape. The result is an action packed ride through jungle and gunfire. Stars Bernadette (Bernie) Williams, Taaffe (Taffy) O'Connell, Jennifer Lane, Catherine March and Margaret Magick.

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