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Chinese Hercules (1973) $19.99
aka's: Ma Tou Da Jue Dou/Lut Tau Daai Kuet Dau/A Duel of Harbour/Ma Tou Shao Zi/The Kid From Pier/Freedom Strikes A Blow/碼頭大決鬥
After nearly killing his fiancÚ's brother, Shen Wei Ta (Chan Wai Man) makes a solemn vow: Never to raise his hand in anger again. Finding work at a nearby dock, his vow is put to the test again and again as the workers are continuously cheated, abused and later start turning up dead. But before Chan can raise his fist again, the company bosses turn loose the most lethal weapon in their arsenal against the workers: Chinese Hercules (Bolo Yeung)! Also stars Fan Chiang and Yeh Fang. Jackie Chan appears as a thug (uncredited).

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