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Blue Demon And Zovek In Invasion Of The Dead (1973) $19.99
aka: Blue Demon Y Zovek En La Invasión De Los Muertos
Professor Bruno Volpi (Raúl Ramírez) spots some strange paintings on a cliff. He sends for Professor Zovek to help him discover its meaning. Zovek uses his powers to figure the writings are a warning that a cosmic tragedy is going to happen. Their fears prove to be true when a fireball falls from space causing the resurrection of the dead as zombies, craving for human flesh. Also stars Christa Linder. (In Spanish language).

This feature was originally slated to be a Zovek film. Unfortunately on March 10th, 1972, Zovek fell 200 feet to his death out of a helicopter during filming. As a result, the producers hired Blue Demon to pick up the slack and help pad out the running time.

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