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Sabor A Sangre (1977) $19.99
aka: Flavor To Blood
The mysterious El Tigre has killed nearly 40 people in a small town. Mauricio Rosales (Elenco Antonio Aguilar) and his friend Chelelo find the bodies of a posse, sent by police chief Rómulo (Gálvez) to track the assassin. After more murders, the village priest tells Mauricio the story: Rómulo raped the sister of a young Indian, Caneque, and Caneque in turn gouged out Rómulo's eye, then fled to the mountains. Rómulo and a group of townsmen attack Caneque's home, killing his entire family. Since then, Caneque--El Tigre--has been waging war on the town. When El Tigre's pregnant wife tells him she doesn't want her child to live like a wild animal, he pushes her off a cliff. El Tigre ambushes Mauricio and Rómulo, killing the latter. Mauricio plays dead, and when the killer approaches, shoots and kills him. (In Spanish language.)

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