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Kilink vs. Superman (1967) $19.99
aka: Kilink Ucan Adama Karsi
The sequel to Kilink Istanbul'Da, considered "lost," picks up right where Kilink In Istabul left off. Superman manages to locate Kilink's hideout on a remote island where his fiancÚ and her father are being held. Meanwhile, Kilink's scientists finally manufacture a lethal destructive canon-like weapon that is able to blast away even portions of mountains.The last part of the film was destroyed years ago. However, the missing action is satisfactorily depicted and substituted with a number of stills from the missing segment with a voice-over narration, explaining what's going on. And then, the last, most essential minute of the film is presented in live action again. Unfortunately, the original print of this film (as is the case with all Turkish films in general) is lost or destroyed. (In Turkish language, with English subtitles).

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