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Lastikman (2004) $19.99
Adian (Mark Bautista) is a regular barrio lad who loves trees. When illegal loggers threaten to raze them down, he rises to the occasion and stakes his life for them. Badly beaten and nearly left for dead, he is restored magically by a rubber tree. When he recovers, it's as if he was left unscathed by the whole ordeal. But he discovers something else. The magical rubber tree has passed on a special power that has made his body stronger and given it the elasticity and flexibility of rubber. Thus Lastikman is born. With his newfound powers, Lastikman finds himself beset with the task of confronting more formidable nemeses who are wreaking havoc everywhere: Taong Aso, a werewolf preying on his barrio folks and Lastika, a woman who possesses the same powers as he. (In Tagalog language).
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