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Super-B (2002) $19.99
Bi (Rufa Mae Quinto) is an ordinary girl wanting to make a difference. Everyday, Bi goes about her usual routine of selling food at the central business center. One day, she sees Edgar (Troy Montero), a handsome reporter and almost instantaneously falls in love with him. But Edgar does not even know that Bi exists! Meanwhile, Lord (Marvin Agustin), Bi's long time suitor, gave Bi a mysterious ring, which, if worn by the right person can yield special powers. Unknown to Bi, this has been the opportunity she has been waiting for. She soon becomes Super B, a super hero who helps the distressed. As Super B, she encounters the very popular pop icons Daisy and Rose of the Flower Pot Girls, who are actually aliens out to get all the flowers on the planet so they can rule the world. Will Super B be able to save the world from the evil Flower Pot Girls? (In Tagalog language).

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Filipino Fantasy-Superheroes. Super Strange Video has the ultimate collection of rare and vintage cult, horror, sci-fi, erotic movies. Featuring Barbara Steele, Bela Lugosi, Boris Karloff, Brigitte Lahaie, Bruce Li, Christopher Lee,, Evelyn Ankers, Frankenstein, Gamera, George Sanders, Guiron, Helga Line, Jiger, Kumi Mizuno, Lon Chaney, Lorena Velazquez, Michael Gough, Michael Rennie, Paul Naschy, Peter Cushing, Robert Reed, Santo, Starman, Ted Cassidy, Valerie Leon, Vincent Price, Viras, Zigra