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Jungle Hell (1956) $19.99
Dr. Morrison has been sent into the jungles of India to investigate reports about a strange set of burning rocks. With the help of Jungle Boy, the Doctor finds the village holy man, Shankar, keeping watch over what he believes to be holy guardians of the village. In the course of uncovering the mystery, the Doctor, Jungle Boy (Sabu) and several other explorers face panthers, snakes, flying saucers and lots and lots of elephants.

According to his widow, actress Marilyn Cooper, Sabu had a complete physical just a few days before his tragic death, at which time his doctor had told him, "If all my patients were as healthy as you, I'd be out of business." Thus, his sudden death from a heart attack at the age of 39, on December 2nd. 1963, came as even more of a shock than it would have been otherwise. His last film, A Tiger Walks (1964), was released posthumously to good reviews.

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