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Ulysses Against The Son Of Hercules (1962) $19.99
aka's: Ulisse Contro Ercole/Ulysses Against Hercules
A campy, Italian-made sword-and-sandal flick, this low-budget adventure pits Ulysses against Pericles, the son of Hercules. Ulysses (Georges Marchal) has recently injured the Cyclops, son of Neptune, and for this Jupiter decides Ulysses must be punished. He sends Pericles (Mike Lane) after him, who chases his adversary over land and sea, until both end up shipwrecked on a remote, unexplored island. As soon as Ulysses is within his pursuer's grasp, both are captured by a bizarre race of bird people ruled by a beautiful blonde queen (giallo legend Dominique Boschero). Ulysses then comes up with an ingenious plan to help them escape, and the two join forces to make it home to their respective lady loves.

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