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Hercules The Avenger (1965) $19.99
aka: La Sfida Dei Giganti
Hercules (Reg Park) sets out on a quest to save his son's soul from the evil Earth Goddess Gia. He must battle all sorts of monsters, get past numerous obstacles and resist temptations if he is to save his son. What Hercules doesn't know is that while he is away, Gia sends Antaius (her rotten son) to impersonate Hercules. Antaius reigns over the people as a cruel, heartless king. Can Hercules get back in time to save the people?

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Hercules and Friends. Super Strange Video has the ultimate collection of rare and vintage cult, horror, sci-fi, erotic movies. Featuring Barbara Steele, Bela Lugosi, Boris Karloff, Brigitte Lahaie, Bruce Li, Christopher Lee,, Evelyn Ankers, Frankenstein, Gamera, George Sanders, Guiron, Helga Line, Jiger, Kumi Mizuno, Lon Chaney, Lorena Velazquez, Michael Gough, Michael Rennie, Paul Naschy, Peter Cushing, Robert Reed, Santo, Starman, Ted Cassidy, Valerie Leon, Vincent Price, Viras, Zigra