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Attack Of The Monsters (U.S. Version) (1969) $19.99
aka's: Gamera Tai Daikaijū Giron/Gamera vs. Guiron, Giant Evil Monster/Gamera vs. Guillon/ Gamera vs. The Giant Evil Beast Guiron/Gamera vs. The Devil-Beast Giron/ガメラ対大悪獣ギロン
Three children, two boys and a girl, stumble upon a flying saucer. The boys both step into the ship without hesitating and are whisked away to a planet in Earth's orbit, but on the exact opposite side of the Sun. Inhabiting this planet are two women (named Barbella and Flobella) who hypnotize the children to discover they fantasize mainly about Gamera, their favorite super turtle. It is later revealed that the spacewomen simply want to eat the brains of the two kids. Back home, no one will believe the little girl's story of alien abduction, not even Officer Kondo. Finally, Gamera rescues the children while fighting Guiron, a monster with a giant knife-like head which can also fire deadly cutting projectiles. After a fierce battle, Gamera eventually kills Guiron while doing gymnastics on a parallel bar and then finally is able to take the children back home. Stars Nobuhiro Kajima, Miyuki Akiyama, Christopher Murphy and Edith Hanson. This is the English language version of Gamera vs. Guiron (also available here at SSV).

This version includes the very rare knife cutting battle between the monsters Guiron and Gayos, which was cut from the original A.I.P. print due to the violent nature of the sequence.

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