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Fast Cars Fast Women (1981) $19.99
aka: Fast Girls Fast Women
Molly Davis (Kay Parker) is a race car sponsor. Her newly hired driver is Christy Hollis (Sylvia Benedict), a woman who has no problem seducing a traffic cop (Dave Thomas) to take her from behind, only to get a ticket anyway. Molly's other driver is Casey (Carolyn Jackson), Christy's occasional lover, who likes to seduce Molly's racing mechanic. Molly's previous driver, the mechanic's sister, died after rival sponsor Orson McKnight (Al Chiurrizzi) of McKnight Tires sent his helper Dutch (Ron Jeremy) to tamper with her car. While Molly and Casey fool around in Molly's shower, the mechanic's foiling of another car tampering gets him sent to the hospital. Molly repays him for it right in his hospital bed. Christy then tries to get a pit area that is far from Orson's by forcing herself on the older married track manager (William Margold). He soon consents but she once again gets nothing for it. As punishment for refusing to work for Orson, Dutch then rapes Christy in her trailer until Molly breaks in and punches him. Christy finds comfort in Casey, while Molly does the same with John (Kevin James), who defected from Orson's team. But it's Casey with whom John meets privately. Christy wins the race as Orson's own car blows up. Also with Rocky Balboa.

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