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Ravagers (Uncut 35mm Widescreen Version) (1979) $19.99
In the aftermath of a nuclear holocaust, animal-like creatures known as "the ravagers" roam the earth and kill any survivors. A man named Falk (Richard Harris) witnesses his wife's murder by the creatures. Seeking vengeance, Falk becomes a vigilante. He joins a small community, led by Rann (Ernest Borgnine), living aboard a ship anchored off shore. The ship is destroyed in an attack by the ravagers. Falk then leads his fellow survivors on a desperate quest for a place where they can live in peace. Also stars Ann Turkel and Art Carney. Also with Woody Strode.

This film came from an uncut 35mm widescreen import print in excellent picture quality and is the best version currently available anywhere.

TRIVIA: The "abandoned missile base" featured in this film is actually the Alabama Space and Rocket Center Museum and the "Rocket Park" is in the back lot of the museum. The museum benefited from the filming of this production, because the display rockets had to be "aged" for the film, and then later cleaned. The bi-annual cleaning of these outdoor displays was a major expense.

TRIVIA: The matte painting, which this films title credits are shown over, is the same matte painting the army of apes sees in Beneath The Planet Of The Apes (1970).

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