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The Farmer (1977) $19.99
aka: The Killer Farmer
Kyle Martin (Gary Conway) returns from WWII as a silver star hero, but realizes his farm is not profitable and the bank wants to foreclose. Then a gambler, Johnny (Michael Dante), has a car accident near his farm, in which Kyle saves his life. In return Johnny offers Kyle $1,500 which isn't enough to save the farm. Later Johnny past-posts on a horse race for over $50,000, angering local mobster Passini (George Memmoli). Passini and his three henchmen kills Johnny's bodyguard and then blinds Johnny's eyes with acid to "make a example out of him". Johnny asks his girl Betty (Angel Tompkins) to get Kyle to kill Prassini and his men for $50,000, enough money for Kyle to save his farm.

Never released on DVD and likely never shown on cable television, this film was considered lost for over 45 years.

The script was originally written as a vehicle for Clint Eastwood.

The red pickup truck Gary Conway drives throughout the film did not have working brakes, and as such, was never shown stopping onscreen, save for two shots where it coasted to a stop.

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