Nurse Sherri

$19.99 - Free Shipping In The USA
aka's: Beyond The Living/Black Voodoo/Hands Of Death/Hospital Of Terror/Terror Hospital/The Possession of Nurse Sherri
A horror film about a demented professor (Geoffrey Land) in the occult, whose soul jumps into the curvaceous body of Nurse Sherri (Jill Jacobson), shortly before he dies on the operating table. The possessed lady in white then begins stalking, seducing and killing people until someone puts an end to the madness. Also stars Marilyn Joi. Directed by Al Adamson.

Director Al Adamson was to die under tragic circumstances. On August 2nd, 1995, his body was found buried under the freshly laid cement and tile of his bathroom after someone had informed the police they saw someone "burying something" on the property. His murderer, Fred Fulford, posed as Adamson (for about two weeks) using Adamson's clothes and credit cards at a hotel in Florida while on the run. Fulford was convicted soon afterwards and sentenced to 25 years to life.

Orgy Of The Dead

$19.99 - Free Shipping In The USA
aka: Orgy Of The Vampires
Bob (William Bates) and his girlfriend Shirley (Pat Barringer) go in search of a cemetery in order to inspire Bob for writing his next horror story. After they crash the car, they wander into the graveyard and encounter the dancing dead, a full moon spectacle overseen by the Ruler of the Dark. Before long the couple is spotted and taken prisoner. Tied to stakes and forced to watch the dancing, they await their fate. Also stars Criswell and Fawn Silver. Written by Ed Wood.

Paganini Horror

$19.99 - Free Shipping In The USA
aka: The Killing Violin
A rock-n-roll band purchases music to record that were used in satanic rituals. The band decides to record and tape video of the song in the mansion where the rituals took place. As a result, the spirits are summoned to commit mayhem and murder. Stars Daria Nicolodi, Jasmine Maimone and Pascal Persiano. Also with Donald Pleasence.

Comes from a widescreen import print.


$19.99 - Free Shipping In The USA
aka's: Daddy's Deadly Darling/Horror Farm
Toni Lawrence plays Lynn, a disturbed young woman who escapes from a mental hospital where she was committed for killing her abusive father who raped her. Stealing a nurse's uniform and car, Lynn ends up in a small California town where she meets and shacks up with Zambrini, an old farmer who runs the local motel and roadside cafe. Zambrini also owns a group of pigs that he keeps in a pen behind his house who have somehow developed a taste for human flesh. When Lynn begins killing a number of men who remind her of her dead father, Zambrini helps her out by disposing of the bodies to the pigs. Investigating the disappearances, the local sheriff eventually becomes suspicious of Lynn's past and a private investigator, hired by the hospital to find her, slowly close in on Lynn.

The Rape Of The Vampire

$19.99 - Free Shipping In The USA
aka's: Le Viol Du Vampire/Queen Of The Vampires/ La Reine Des Vampires/Vampire Women
French cult director Jean Rollin, who has made a career out of making erotically charged horror films that focus on vampires and virgins, began his career with this 1968 film. Expanded from a short film, it covers all of the subject matter and imagery that Rollin became known for--blood, naked women in sexual yet horrific circumstances, existentialism and fetishism of vampires with their base, lustful desires! (In French language, with English subtitles).

Rare Female Horror Hosts

$29.99 - Free Shipping In The USA

1. Crematia Mortem hosts Laserblast (1978)
Crematia Mortem was the host of KSHB-TV 41 (Kansas City) late night television show Creature Features (1981 - 1988). She was the creation of Roberta Solomon, a local television and vocal talent. Usually sitting in a large wicker chair on a set consisting of little more than a dark backdrop, she presided over the evening's entertainment (B movies), commenting and participating in gags sometimes related to the film. Wearing a long black wig and pale make-up, a black dress with a purple corset, the emphasis here was camp. ~ Wikipedia
Film synopsis: Alien creatures kill a mutated alien creature in the California desert. Its remains, and the high-tech laser gun and power source accidentally left behind, are found by an ostracized teenager. However, the power source causes the teenager to mutate, too, and he goes on a murderous rampage. Eventually, the first aliens return to kill him as well, and then forget to take the gun again.

2. Penny Dreadful hosts Black Sabbath (1963)
Film synopsis: A trio of atmospheric horror tales about: A woman terrorized in her apartment by phone calls from an escaped prisoner from her past; a Russian count in the early 1800's who stumbles upon a family in the countryside trying to destroy a particularly vicious line of vampires; and a 1900-era nurse who makes a fateful decision while preparing the corpse of one of her patients - an elderly medium who died during a seance.

3. Madam Mortem hosts Dementia 13 (1963)
Madame Mortem (Samantha Ramirez) hosts Madame Mortem's Midway Of Madness which debuted on July 11, 2003 on on Cablevision of Monmouth, Channel 77 in Jackson, New Jersey.
Film synopsis: Members of an Irish family are being killed off by one of their own who wishes to inherit the family fortune.

4. Macabre Theater - Ivonna Cadaver hosts Satan's School For Girls (1973)
Ivonna Cadaver co-hosts Macabre Theater with Butch Patrick (aka Eddie Munster from The Munsters). The pair preforms skits and entertains various celebrity guests. The show is based in Los Angeles.
Film synopsis: A young woman's investigation into the seemingly unmotivated suicide of her sister leads her to an exclusive girls' school where she soon finds herself in the same satanic grip that drove her sister and others to their deaths.

Sold as a 4-DVD-R or VHS set.

The Revenge Of The Living Dead Girls

$19.99 - Free Shipping In The USA
aka: La Revanche Des Mortes Vivantes
A gore fest from France, this chiller combines horror, sex and environmental disaster. Deadly waste contaminates the milk supply in a small town. The tainted milk kills three teenage girls who drink it. When more chemical waste accidentally falls on their graves, the girls' corpses rise from the dead. Now, the zombie sexpots are determined to destroy those responsible for the corrupted milk -- along with anyone who gets in the way. With Véronique Catanzaro, Kathryn Charly, Sylvie Novak, Anthea Wyler, Laurence Mercier, Patrick Guillemin, Gabor Rassov, Christina Schmidt and Cornélia Wilms.

Rider On The Rain

$19.99 - Free Shipping In The USA
aka's: Le Passager De La Pluie/L'uomo Venuto Dalla Pioggia/Rain
A beautiful young woman (Marlène Jobert) in the South of France is stalked and raped by a mysterious masked assailant. Soon afterwards, she shoots him dead and dumps his corpse in the sea. Later, an American investigator (Charles Bronson) turns up, and to her horror, he seems to know everything about what she has done. Also with Gabriele Tinti, Jean Gaven and Jill Ireland (Bronson's real-life wife).

This film comes from a very nice uncut widescreen import print. Don't waste your money on other versions claiming to be remastered. We offer the very best version of this rare film currently available anywhere.

Riders Of The Skulls

$19.99 - Free Shipping In The USA
aka: El Charro De Las Calaveras
Very rare maniacal Mexican horror, complete with a werewolf, a Zorro character, skull monsters and alot of atmosphere and laughs. Stars Dagoberto Rodríguez and David Silva. (In Spanish language).

Rocambole vs. The Harpies

$19.99 - Free Shipping In The USA
aka: Rocambole Contra Las Mujeres Arpias
In this rare sci-fi/horror/super hero film, magician Hindu (aka: Rocambole) faces a pair of villains and their small army of ugly, super-strong, female monsters. With Julio Aleman, Maria Duval, Regina Torne, Jacqueline Andere, Victor Junco and Carlos Lopez Moctezuma. (In Spanish language).

Roland: TV Horror Film Host

$19.99 - Free Shipping In The USA
aka's: The Cool Ghoul/Zacherley
John Zacherle (aka: Zacherley) was the host of Philadelphia TV station WCAU's Shock Theater, which debuted on October 7th, 1957. As the host, Zacherle appeared wearing a long black undertaker's coat as the character "Roland," who lived in a crypt with his wife "My Dear" and his lab assistant Igor.

Features some of the original TV commercials of the time period.

The Savage Bees

$19.99 - Free Shipping In The USA
In this made-for-TV horror-drama, the festive fun of the annual Mardi Gras celebration is brought to a halt when a swarm of African killer bees escape from a foreign freighter. Stars Ben Johnson, Michael Parks and Paul Hecht. Also with Gretchen Corbett and Horst Buchholz.

The Secret Of Dorian Gray

$19.99 - Free Shipping In The USA
aka's: Dorian Gray/Das Bildnis Des Dorian Gray/Il Dio Chiamato Dorian/The Evils Of Dorian Gray
In contemporary London, a beautiful and rich young man, Dorian Gray (Helmut Berger), loves Sybil (Marie Liljedahl), an aspiring actress; thanks to her, he's momentarily less self-centered. He's also sitting for a portrait painted by his friend, Basil (Richard Todd). When it's done, Dorian complains he'll grow old while it stays unchanged. On the same night, he slaps Sybil and sends her away, then accepts the seductive offer of a party's hostess to sleep with her. The next day, the painting looks slightly older. In horror and fascination, Dorian hides it away and continues a life of degradation. Over time, as the portrait becomes hideous, he's unchanged by libidinal life; finally, he and Basil face the painting. Also with Herbert Lom.


$19.99 - Free Shipping In The USA
aka's: Queen Of Evil/Tango Macabre
A horror story writer, Edmond Blackstone (Jonathan Frid), suffers from a recurring nightmare in which three bizarre figures terrorize him and his family. When Blackstone begins to write, the three figures appear at his home and the dream becomes reality. Also stars Martine Beswick and Joseph Sirola. Also with Hervé Villechaize of Fantasy Island fame. Directed by Oliver Stone.

In the early morning hours of September 4th, 1993, Hervé Villechaize's common-law wife found his dead body laying on their patio. He had written a suicide note and proceeded to his backyard with a tape recorder. He turned on the tape recorder and spoke, "Kathy, I can't live like this anymore. I've always been a proud man and always wanted to make you proud of me. You know you made me feel like a giant and that's how I want you to remember me...I'm doing what I have to do...I want everything to go to Kathy...I want everyone to know that I love them." In a sitting position, Hervé leaned back against a sliding glass patio door, placed a pillow against his chest and then fired a pistol into the pillow, taking his own life. He was 50 years old.

The Sexorcist

$19.99 - Free Shipping In The USA
aka's: The Sexorcist Devil/The Sexorcist's Devil
One of the best horror/sex combos ever. Shot in the swamps of New Jersey, it disperses cum and blood equally. A big-titted girl who loves to suck cock, gets possessed by the Devil and begins to kill all of her conquests. Heavily influenced by the Exorcist, which was released the previous year. You must see this one!

She Wolf

$19.99 - Free Shipping In The USA
aka: La Loba
Mexican-made horror tale about a female werewolf (Kitty de Hoyos) on the loose. Spooky and atmospheric chills, south-of-the-border style. Also stars Joaquín Cordero and Columba Domínguez. (In Spanish language).

Shriek Of The Mutilated

$19.99 - Free Shipping In The USA
aka's: Scream Of The Snowbeast/Mutilated
Michael and Roberta Findlay's version of the Yeti legend. A group of college students are led by their professor into the mountains in search of the Yeti. Each student is slowly killed of by what they believe to be the Yeti. However, it turns out that the professor and his friend, dressed up in a costume, both belong to a cult of cannibals and use the legend of the Yeti as a lure so that one survivor can go back and say the Yeti got them.

Horror film producer and director Michael Findlay was killed on May 16, 1977 in a gruesome helicopter accident on the roof of the (then) Pan Am Building in New York city. On his way to John F. Kennedy airport to connect with a Paris-bound flight, Findlay was planning to demonstrate his new 3-D camera to potential backers in France. Findlay and three other passengers were about to board the helicopter when its landing support collapsed. The helicopter fell onto one side and its spinning rotor blades decapitated Findlay and killed three other passengers. A woman on the street below was also killed when she was hit by a detached rotor blade from the helicopter.

For the film Funk (1976) he invented a new portable 3-D camera. When he was killed in the helicopter accident, he was on his way to Paris to meet potential financial backers for the camera and was holding a test model of his invention.

Sir Graves Ghastly Presents

$24.99 - Free Shipping In The USA
aka: Sir Graves' Big Show
Sir Graves Ghastly was a tongue-in-cheek vampire character created by Cleveland-born actor Lawson J. Deming (1913-2007). The character was the host of a popular Saturday afternoon horror film television show that ran from 1967 to 1982 in Detroit, Cleveland, Washington, D.C. and parts of Canada. The program was originally billed as Sir Graves' Big Show, but later became known simply by the character name, Sir Graves Ghastly.

Films included in this set are:

The Human Monster (1939)
A series of strange deaths takes place in London. All are accidents but the victims are single men with no family and they all have a link to a life insurance company run by the mysterious Dr. Orloff (Bela Lugosi).

The Return Of The Vampire (1944)
Bela Lugosi stars as vampire Armand Tesla, who stalks the streets of World War II London after German bombing releases him from his grave. Aided by a werewolf named Andreas (Matt Willis) and opposed by Lady Jane (Frieda Inescort) who operates an asylum, Tesla goes in search of young ladies to supply him with blood.

Sold as a 2-DVD-R set.

NOTE: The picture quality for this original television broadcast is rather soft, but still the best currently available anywhere for this extremely rare show.

Slaughter High

$19.99 - Free Shipping In The USA
aka: April Fool's Day
There's horror in the halls...lynching in the lunchroom...murder in the metal shop. Welcome to Slaughter High -- where the students are dying to get out! Marty (Simon Scuddamore) was the nerd everyone made fun of. All the jocks and pretty girls teased, taunted and tortured him mercilessly. Things went too far when one of their jokes backfires, disfiguring Marty for life! It's then five years later and Marty is throwing a reunion for all of his high school "friends," and does he have a surprise for them! The prom queen, the jock, the class clown, the busybody, the rebel and a few "select" others have all been invited to Marty's gala of gore. Five years ago Marty got mad...now he's going to get even -- in one riot of a reunion! Also stars Caroline Munro and Carmine Iannaccone.

The Snake Queen

$19.99 - Free Shipping In The USA
aka: Nyi Blorong
The Snake Queen, (Suzzanna) daughter of the South Seas Queen, seduces her men with offers of wealth, power and sex. In return, each man must offer a human sacrifice to her, once a year, under the penalty of death. Also stars Barry Prima.

Note: This film is followed by The Hungry Snake Woman (1986), also available here at SSV.

Actress Suzanna (aka: Suzanna Martha Frederika van Osch) was known as the horror queen of Indonesian cinema. On October 15th, 2008, she died from complications due to diabetes, in a hospital in Magelang, Central Java. She was 66.

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