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Just For Fun (1983) $19.99
aka: Kong Xin Da Shao Ye
Expecting to inherit an enormous fortune left by his deceased foster father, Frankie finds that all assets and properties had been donated to charity. First of all, he paid a visit to Charlie, who took Frankie to a party where Frankie was mistaken as a gigolo. Later, he found Lemon, who meanwhile was deeply in love with his beautiful cousin Sally. Frankie helps Lemon to get closer to Sally; however, Sally's growing affection towards Frankie melts their bond. On the other hand, Melvin--one of the band members--appears and easily captures Sally's attention. Frankie begins to wonder if he'll ever receive fickle Sally's true love. Bolo Yeung appears in a small role. (In Cantonese language, with English subtitles).

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