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When You Comin' Back, Red Rider? (1979) $19.99
Marjoe Gortner stars as a drug dealer whose car breaks down in a small Texas town. Once in the town, Marjoe wreaks havoc on the lives of everyone he encounters. Eventually, he ends up at a roadside diner, where he terrorizes the patrons at gunpoint and holds them hostage. Also with Hal Linden and Audra Lindley (aka: Mrs. Roper in Three's Company). Produced by Marjoe.

Marjoe Gortner became a preacher at the age of 4. Preaching gospel from memory and performing faith healings, he drew capacity crowds as he barnstormed throughout the Bible Belt. His parents also taught him several money-making tactics, involving the sale of supposedly "holy" articles at revivals which promised to heal the sick and dying. By the time he was sixteen, he later estimated, his family had amassed maybe $3 million. Marjoe (his name is a combination of "Mary" and "Joseph") eventually became disillusioned with what he considered a huge deception and withdrew from the scene entirely during his teens.

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